Saturday, November 1, 2008

मध्यस्थ क्रिया का मतलब

अस्तित्व में हर क्रिया (वास्तविकता) के तीन stages हैं - पैदा होना (उद्भव), बने रहना (विभव), और विलय होना (प्रलय)। यह हर क्रिया के साथ है। जैसे - कोई धान पैदा होता है, बना रहता है कुछ समय तक, फ़िर खाद बन जाता है। कोई जीव पैदा होता है, कुछ समय तक जीता है, फ़िर मर भी जाता है। कोई मनुष्य भी पैदा होता है, कुछ समय तक जीता है, फ़िर मर भी जाता है।

इन तीन stages में "बने रहने" के stage में वस्तु की उपयोगिता (purpose) है। "बने रहने" का स्वरुप ही वस्तु का "आचरण" है। वस्तु के बने रहने में ही उसका वैभव है, जिसकी "परम्परा" होती है। वही मध्यस्थ है। वस्तु की उपयोगिता सिद्ध होना ही उसकी "मध्यस्थता" है। पैदा होना (उद्भव) stage उपयोगिता "के लिए" हैं। विलय हो जाने के बाद वह उपयोगिता नहीं रहा।

मध्यस्थ-दर्शन का मतलब है - अस्तित्व में वस्तुओं की उपयोगिता (purpose) को समझना। मनुष्य ही यह समझता है। समझने पर ही मनुष्य अस्तित्व में स्वयं की उपयोगिता को सिद्ध कर पाता है। मनुष्य की उपयोगिता या वैभव सिद्ध होती है - मानव परम्परा में। मानव परम्परा के आधार-स्तम्भ हैं - आचरण, शिक्षा, विधि (संविधान), और व्यवस्था।

- बाबा श्री नागराज शर्मा के साथ संवाद पर आधारित (भोपाल, अक्टूबर २००८)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Now this brings us to another note "purpose".
There are two entities that define purpose of things. Man and Nature. Let us take cow's milk for example. Nature 's purpose of cow's milk is to nourish the new born calf. The calf stops drinking this milk a few months after birth. It is only a human that drinks another mammal's milk, no other mammal needs to do that.It is only a human that needs/wants to drink milk even if he is a 100 years old.
There has to be a coexistence between human defined purpose and Nature defined purpose of things. But for a human to achieve that coexistence he has to understand the Nature defined purpose, first of all.
Sometimes a human does not know the Nature defined purpose of things for example take Natural oil for instance. What natural purpose does it have lying so far below the earth's crust? A human does not know. A human gave it a purpose - to make fuel for transportation.
Is it possible for one to know the Natural purpose of everything in Nature, before a human defines its purpose? I feel a human does not really know enough so he goes about things through trial and error. When he realizes he is doing something that has established a negative feedback loop he seeks to correct that before Nature does. To me the whole thing boils down to this lag between man and Nature. That is the next note I am looking for.

Rakesh Gupta said...

Please see if the following post is what you are looking for:

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I had read that already. I agree with everything it says but it still does not address the lag. I am not sure if Babaji says if your are jagrut or awakened you will see no lag or MD says just accept the lag and coexist with it.
If you have any more conversations in this regard and also with regard to the concepts of ego and self it will help me. How do you regulate or inspect(sameeksha) the ego etc. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the trouble.

Rakesh Gupta said...

The way I understood this is - Human-being "percerives" a gap between itself and rest of the nature - until it doesn't have the perfect-comprehension of existence as it is. Please see if the following dialogue answers your question:

Ego (from madhyasth-darshan's standpoint) is self's (jeevan's) conception for - Who am I? Before understanding, one has an imaginary view of self, which is an imposition. Upon perfect-comprehension of existence (which includes self - as aatm-bodh) one gets truly comfortable with oneself.