Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Little Success

It was about 2 years back that we decided to take a break from our jobs in Bangalore to study Madhyasth Darshan.  We also decided to buy a piece of land for ourselves - for we didn't want our study to be merely an intellectual exercise. We began with the goal of living with resolution and prosperity.

We got 10 acres patch of land at Amora village in Bemetara (Chhatisgarh). Our field is on the bank of river Shivnath.  It was in Feb last year that we started working on this project.  It wasn't easy for us to bring up this place with our daughter Gunjan still going to school at Bangalore.  But we were determined to make it happen.  The first thing which we decided was to develop this field on the lines of natural farming.  Both of us attended Subhash Palekar ji's workshop on natural farming.  We also started working on building a house in the field.  Before our taking over the field, it had a sugarcane crop.  We decided to continue with the sugarcane for another year, but stopped using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Instead we started with Jeevamrit schedule as prescribed by Subhash Palekar Ji.  There were many things to be set up, and we worked on them assiduously one by one.  Electricity connection, borewell digging, house design and construction, drawing water from the river....  In Jan 2013, we could finally have the house ready for living and the sugarcane crop ready for harvesting.  We decided to make jaggery (gur) of all the yield.  The gur is really tasty and pure!  We have made sure that no chemicals are used in the entire process of jaggery making.  We haven't gone for any certification for its purity.  We believe, dependency on certification means lack of confidence in our selves.

It was a milestone for us, when Baba ji (Shree A Nagraj, Amarkantak) visited our field on December 28th, and had a fresh glass of sugarcane juice.  He has promised me to come again (on Jan 26th) to taste the freshly made gur.

 Please write to us or call us (at 9611509219) to taste this "sweet little success"!  We will be happy to share our journey if you too are harboring a dream like this!  We are at present here at Amora, living in the little house we made, till Jan 26th.  If you are in Raipur or nearby towns, do take time to visit us.  If you have the need for organic gur, let us know - we will try to make arrangements for delivering it to you.


 Rakesh and Priyanka

 "Shanti Van", Amora,
Bemetara, CG, INDIA.