Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Minimum Beautiful

Shree A. Nagraj (1920-2016), who we used to affectionately call “Baba”, breathed his last on the morning of March 5th 2016 at his home in Amarkantak, surrounded by his disciples and family members. 

I still get lump in throat when I recount my first meeting with Baba ji at Amarkantak in November 2004.  He was resting on the divan in that quaint little dharmashala opposite Narmada Temple.  I mumbled my introduction, adding how happy I was seeing him in person.  He said – “Human beings have been trying to find Trust ever since they occurred on this Earth.  I discovered something from sadhana by which I have become rooted in Trust, and I can teach you that.”  Something shattered inside me on hearing this, and I wept silently, while he continued with his narration...  I had found my teacher.  I surrendered to his purpose, his vision, and his program even without understanding a word of what he was saying that day.  There is no point of my shedding tears over shattered ego.  Rest of my story is about my trials of grasping what he had to teach. 

There is no mystery in existence, he would say.  Existence is orderly and harmonious as coexistence, and it can be studied, understood, realized, and it is upon realization that human being can produce evidences of knowledge in their living.  Knowledge is the “calling” of every human being.  Every human being has thirst of knowledge, which can only be quenched through meaningful education.  He presented himself as living evidence (praman), and that was his authenticity (pramanikta).  He taught about the order (vyavastha) and purpose (prayojan) in existence with this authenticity.  He gave logical reasoning to explain his realization (Anubhav).  He said, Realization (Anubhav) can be described in words.  Going on to say that realization (Anubhav) is the only thing that is worth describing.  It soon became clear that logic was not enough to grasp what he had to say.  Then what?  What do I have that can grasp what he is saying, to which I feel so profoundly attracted?  “Use your imagination (kalpanasheelta)” – pat came the answer!  Imagination is what distinguishes us humans from animals.  Imagination is the prior form of knowledge.  Imagination can expand and tune itself to reality, which results in its own fulfillment, its own transformation.  Thus far in human history, humans used imagination only for materializing ideas.  Now use imagination for its own fulfillment.  There is no need of stilling the imagination – through some meditation or chanting.  Nor is there any point in letting it lose for fancies.  Imagination can be guided by use of definitions (paribhasha).  Definition is the set of words that indicate a reality in existence.  One who has realization (or the teacher) defines the realities and guides imagination of seeker (or the student) – triggering a progression (kram) towards awakening (jagruti).  Language is from tradition, but definitions are mine!  - He would claim.  Each human being has the potential of awakening the latent faculties of their consciousness, by way of education (shiksha) or study (adhyayan).  It is simplicity itself.

This simplicity can be deceptive!  For it’s not that you listen to the definitions once and become awakened the same instant!  Why not!?  The reason is, he said, this proposal is alternative (vikalp) of whatever has been thought and done in human history thus far.  Humankind has thought and done only on the lines of Idealism (adarshvad) and Materialism (bhautikvad).  His presentation is a new reference for human thinking.  He remained firm on this stand until his last breath.  You don’t understand it until you suspend your prior notions and pay full attention to what is being said here.  You need to pay attention for study, the teacher commanded!  Upon realization, attentiveness becomes natural.  But how does one let go of one’s prior notions or hang-ups?  If my prior notions are whatever has been thought and done in human history until now, then isn’t that all who I am?  He would counter – “No.. There is more to human being than these incorrect and incomplete notions, which are nothing but illusion (bhram).  Human being has natural expectation for order and harmony, which is their thirst for knowledge.  Study (adhyayan) and Practice (abhyas) in the form of emulating (anukaran) the Teacher instills understanding which results in one’s getting over those incorrect notions.”  Study is not a lonely pursuit.  It is an alive process, it is an affirmative process, with active involvement of teacher and student, which results in student’s accomplishing integrity in thought, word and deed – like the teacher.  The process of Study results in building an integral view (avdharana) of existence as an order (vyavastha) in student – thereupon Realization (Anubhav) becomes imperative, which forms the basis of living with Authenticity (pramanikta), as Humaneness (manviyata).  In this way, he defined what it is to be a human, as human centric contemplation based on his realization in existence.

There was a sense of urgency in his appeals.  He would hold human illusion as the root cause of Earth’s condition with climate change, global warming, terrorism, or fragmentation in society.  He was unsparing with his pointed critiques of both Vedic thought and Science.  He seeked no allegiance to rebels of these thoughts either.  He said what he had to say, with his own definitions, and lived true to his own words.

Study (adhyayan), he used to say, is an “un-wounding process”.  You don’t need to do any excesses or bravado, like leaving job or practice austere life of renunciation or become a nomad ascetic.  Understand first, and then do.  Take your family along.  Fulfill your obligations.  His message is about leading an integral life that is universal and therefore inclusive.  You don’t need to “build” relations.  You need to “recognize” purpose in the relations in which you already are.  The world is not an illusion.  It is real. It has permanence.  Study is a natural and incremental progression to transition (sankraman) from animal consciousness (jeev chetna) to human consciousness (manav chetna).  There is no overlap between animal consciousness and human consciousness.  Much to the chagrin to many of his followers, he wouldn’t give any toe-space between the two levels of consciousness, or concede any width to this transition, or allow anyone to do any kind of alteration or adulteration to make his message more palatable to crowds!  The transition in consciousness, he would say, is irreversible.  There is no way of forgetting that which you have understood.

The next generation is always going to be ahead!   He used to say – My model of living out this understanding (realization) is the baseline of awakening.  It is the minimum beautiful!   The minimum beautiful way for human being is to lead a Resolved (happy) and Prosperous (peaceful) life.  That which I understood through sadhana, you can understand through study.  Once you have understood, your imagination would further it and result in ever more beautiful expressions of this understanding!  It is realistic for humankind on Earth to be optimistic after getting this holistic basis of tradition in the form of Madhyasth Darshan.     

What next…  Should we all go home now, as the class is over and the teacher is gone?  Or complete our education by staying back.  I am staying back.  So is Priyanka, my wife.  So are many others…  What about you?


Rakesh Gupta

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mutual Fulfillment in Nature

All orders on this Earth are traditions that exhibit complementariness within their kinds and among one another.  At the fundamental level, atomic particles exhibit complementariness with one another by working in the form of atoms that exhibit definite conduct.  Complementariness itself manifests as Cyclicality, which is mutual fulfillment as well.  This becoming fulfilled from togetherness in nature indicates (inherent direction or intent for) equality in whole existence and in awakening.  The evidence of mutual fulfillment starts from the stage of atomic particles itself, wherein particles come together and become established as an order.  Thereafter atoms come together and exhibit higher order of molecules and molecular forms.  All these facts become known to one who is awakened.  Those who are not awakened, they all are desirous of awakening.  Truth is acceptable to all.  That’s the greatness of Truth.  Truth at its fundamental level is Coexistence.  Existence evidences cyclicality in the form of Order and mutual complementariness.  Nature other than humans is seen to be mutually complementary.  Nature other than humans while is complementary for humans, human awakening is still awaited for them to be complementary for rest of nature.  Human being evidences cyclicality when they are orderly in themselves and participate in universal order.  Human awakening itself is the purpose of presenting Cyclical Economics.  This purpose is intrinsic to existence therefore is natural.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Earth and Science

In the physiochemical world, which we can see around us, each material form exhibits tendency of deformation and deformed matter exhibits tendency of formation.  It can be hypothesized (imagined) therefore, whether this Earth also undergoes such cycles of formation and deformation.  Each celestial body including Earth is in solid or gaseous form.  Whether a celestial body is in solid form or in gaseous form, its integrality is based on its being in no-attraction status.  It is only when a celestial body (like planet) solidifies that the tendency of physiochemical activities arises there, triggering successive revelations of higher physiochemical forms.  Successive revelation of physiochemical forms has reached its highest stage on this Earth while maintaining continuity of each stage of revelation (in the form of its tradition).  Our Earth is natural evidence of this phenomenon.  There are some planets where chemical activities are not yet present.  There are planets which are not in solid form but are only gaseous.  Whatever be their state, each planet maintains its integrality because there is neither increase nor decrease in existence.  It is on the basis of constancy of existence that we can accept the integrality of planets.  It is possible for a meteor or a comet to become part of some planet, but that doesn’t mean increase or decrease in existence.  It is natural in existence for something in disorder to become a part of some order.  The events of falling meteors and comets can be described as ways of enriching planets.  It is possible that these comets and meteors resulted from nuclear explosions or atomic interference by scientists on some other planets - ejecting some material to no-attraction state in the limitless Space.  It is human being alone who interferes in the nature’s activities.  Therefore, prevalent Science could only be called as destructive knowledge.  It only generates ideas of cutting, dividing, exploding. Human being has the right (capability) of experimenting using their imagination.  Scientific experiments alone have resulted in helplessness of living in disorder for human beings in illusion.  It is well known that one in disorder tries only to create more disorder.  Therefore we can accept that human being in illusion is the root cause of disorder.  Therefore the grandeur of formation and deformation activities in material nature can be seen only when seen with their completeness.  For example, the Sun exhibits restraint (in its conduct in solar system) even though it is in gaseous state.  In the same way, many planets evidence restraint while being in gaseous state.  Some planets evidence restraint while being in solid state.  Yet there are other planets that evidence restraint while having cycles of physiochemical formation and deformation activities, one such planet is Earth where human being lives.  Therefore, if there is any unit as cause of disorder then that is human being in illusion.  Therefore, each illusioned human being needs to be awakened.
- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics)

Monday, August 1, 2016


The seer status means - human ability to see (understand) the insentient and sentient world.   It is using the same ability “seeing” of atom has become possible for human being.  The name “atom” and “atomic configuration” has already come into human imagination as hypothesis.  These ideas have become popular as well.  While retaining the hypotheses of “atom” and “atomic configuration” as it is, we now need to provide answers to questions that arise naturally after this.  Why are atoms there in the first place?  How many kinds of atoms are there?  Answers to these questions have been discovered.  There are many kinds of atoms, of which some kind of atoms with certain definite number of particles in their configuration exhibit “hunger” for imbibing more particles into their configuration. While other kind of atoms, with other definite number of particles in their configuration, exhibit their being “surfeit” and these tend to expel some particles from their configuration.  All these hungry and surfeit atoms are in “development progression”, and these are found to be active in molecules and molecular forms.  All these atoms (element types) are countable as "units" and their activity forms the basis of "Order" in nature.  Each kind of atom, with definite number of particles in its configuration, maintains its conduct eternally to fulfill its definite purpose in existence.  All atoms found in development progression keep performing “making” and “unmaking” activities by way of molecular bonding and weight bonding.  This making and unmaking is either physical or chemical.  The physical compositions are seen mainly in the form of soils, stones, gems and metals; while chemical compositions are seen as acids, alkali, water, growth and decay in all units of bio order, growth and decay of all bodies in animal order and knowledge order.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthshastra (Cyclical Economics)

Saturday, July 30, 2016


The basis of location (of any thing) is Space.  Space itself is the distance.  I have called it “Pervasive” because its depth, length and width are neither comprehensible nor describable in any which way - mathematical, qualitative or causal.  Space is beyond human imagination.  As it is impossible for a human being to measure or enumerate Space - the eternal grandeur of Space in existence can only be called as “Pervasive”.  Earlier we had understood that Space is transparent for whole nature.  Space permeates nature (matter).  Space is the Law for nature.  It is Law that gets understood.  Existence is understood only with its Law, which itself is the Knowledge in human being.  The evidence of permeability of Space is in the form of whole nature’s always being active. At the base of this activity of all objects of nature, from the smallest to the biggest, is matter’s being energized and forceful.  This is reality, and it is up to us what name we give it.  The energy in human being is in the form of knowledge.  Each celestial body in the universe is energized and active, maintaining definite distance from other celestial bodies evidencing restraint.  Such is the grandeur of coexistence where all of nature is always busy and always occupied for evidencing its permeation in Space and there is no barrier, no resistance and no trace of any opposition to this, instead there is continuous harmony, continuous celebration, and eternal presence of this grandeur.
- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics).

Everlasting Order in Coexistence

A human family constituted of its awakened members evidences orderly living, since balance and restraint is the formula for everlasting order in coexistence.  Orderly living of human family has eternal presence as a stage of co-existential revelation.  In this way, whole existence is established as stages of co-existential revelation.  Human being is inseparable in existence; therefore it is natural that existence’s instruction of evidencing orderly living comes into human cognition. 

An inspiration happens only in mutuality.  This is the basic formula for coexistence and cyclicality.  The inspirations alone have resulted in occurrence of development, awakening and cycles of growth and decay in existence.  Coexistence itself is the inspiration for being in coexistence.  Coexistence in itself is eternal evidence, since matter saturated in Omnipotence (Space) has continuous presence.  Human actions and ideas cannot fragment the co-occurrence or simultaneous presence of nature, since Omnipotence (Space) is existent at each point in time and at each place, and whole nature (all states of its being) is existent at each point of time (but not at each place).
- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthshastra (Cyclical Economics)

Health and Wealth

The purpose of nourishment (food) is conservation of bodily health.   At the root of it, healthy body is evidence of healthy mind.  Healthy mind is that which expresses jeevan’s awakening.  Wealth is result of production by members of a family in excess of their needs.  Along with this, all wealth is from righteous use of body and mind.  In this way, the meaning and purpose of family gets realized in the form of its self reliance.  Self reliance at the level of family naturally leads to establishment of family based self organized order.
- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics)