Tuesday, June 29, 2010

समझदारी के साथ ईमानदारी


Gopal Bairwa said...

Hi Rakesh,

My evaluation says that if our understanding becomes totally clear, ( if we can see through the situation clearly ) then we are bound to do right or behave as per our understanding. But in reality although we have the information and we think we understand it but we can not clearly see/relate that understanding in our environment. It is like difference between knowing a theory how engine works and but when we get to build a engine, there are lots of minute details you have to know and apply your own judgment based on your overall understanding and when you finally build and get it working ..then only you will have complete confidence that you understood the theory.

Similarly there will be certain things which will remain unclear until we live it, until we try it. So trial for living it, seems a must to get complete understanding of the theory itself. So the information definitely comes first but then one has to try it to completely understand the information itself.

So if understanding is completely there , the rest three aspects has to come there. There is one situation where it will not happen and that is existing system is not built upon this understanding, so the current man-made system/institutions don't support it. In fact, there is more direct support for animal consciousness, though ultimately nobody wants to accept the consequences for that. You can easily bribe a person and get the job done but it may be hard to get the job done in a right way.

Another example is if you are a non-vegetarian in a western country, you will have to spend less money and will have more options than if you are vegetarian, because the whole system has evolved accordingly.

Except the above mentioned scenario, there is not much distance between Understanding, and the Honesty.


Rakesh Gupta said...

yes, that's correct... unless we try living the understanding, we don't really get it. Also - when we start living the understanding, we have already got it!


Gopal Bairwa said...

Hi Rakesh,

Your last statement says.

"Also - when we start living the understanding, we have already got it!."

Which also means we just can not live it until we get it. We can only try living as per the information we have.

So essentially trial for living results in complete understanding and when it completes we start living it. Trial for living starts the moment we have some amount of clarity.

The effort for understanding ( analysis ) starts once we accept something is worth exploring, is worth understanding.

I think that is what Baba mentioned the 4 stages in the video. Basically the preparation for next stage starts and wen that preparation finishes, next stage comes into full force ( transition happens).