Monday, March 14, 2016


"मानव द्वारा लक्ष्य के अर्थ में अर्जित स्वभाव ही संस्कार है.  मानव लक्ष्य समाधान, समृद्धि, अभय, सहअस्तित्व ही है. मानव में संस्कार ही आचरण और विचार स्वरूप में व्यक्त है." - श्री ए नागराज

"The Intrinsic nature attained by Human being towards their Goal (with respect to Universal Order of Existence) itself is Sanskar.  Human Goal is Resolution, Prosperity, Fearlessness and Coexistence only.  Sanskar in Human being itself gets expressed in the form of their Thought and Conduct." - Shree A. Nagraj

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