Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jeevan Vidya - A Session by Sadhan Bhai

How do you introduce a new person about jeevan, the distinction between jeevan and body?  Sadhan bhai, in this shivir that took place sometime in 2009, does it so effortlessly.  He builds most profound concepts - such as illusion (bhram), awakening (jagruti), humane conduct (manviya acharan) etc - by closely observing our day to day activities.  Hope you will find this recording useful.  Rakesh....

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keshav said...

I listened to this audio multiple times. Sadhan Bhai explained it very well and it's very easy to understand. Thanks Rakesh Bhai for sharing it. After listening to it, I went further and listened other available adhyan shivir audieos by Sadhan bhai. It's helping me a lot in identifying the Object.