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Madhyasth Darshan - A Glimpse

It has been more than 12 years since I came in contact with Sri A Nagraj (1920-2016) and started study of Madhyasth Darshan (Jeevan Vidya) that he has propounded.  Many of my friends have asked me to write in simple English what it is about.  I hope this essay meets their requirement.

We humans need a philosophy to lead our lives.  We are all seekers of knowledge by birth!  This is a defining trait of human being which makes us distinct from animals.  Survival characterizes animals, not us humans.  We are not content to live within the bounds of our skin!  We want to expand our influence, by acquiring more wealth, power, societal status, knowledge.  We see this tendency of expansion everywhere and at all levels - individual, family, society and nation.  This tendency cannot be curbed or denied, and all efforts of controlling this innate human tendency have proven to be utter failures.  This expansion tendency is ingrained to our very consciousness, and it can be meaningful and harmonious only when our consciousness itself undergoes a fundamental transformation.  There is more to our consciousness than just being alive, our ability to sense, and 'do' things.  Our consciousness is also about understanding, knowing reality.  We want to understand whole existence, and know the reality as it is.  We want to know our own significance in this infinite existence. 

A darshan or philosophy gives us fundamentals of existence or reality; whereby we build a perspective about the world, and determine our way of life in both individual and collective sense. 

Madhyasth Darshan is a philosophy.  It describes the fundamental nature of existence.  The word ‘existence’ is all encompassing.  Human being has the need and the potential to understand all existence.  It is only upon understanding that human being could live in harmony – which is also called as 'humane living'.  In the absence of understanding they are bound to remain discontented and cause disharmony – which is also called as 'inhuman living'.  The current condition of the world is due to human being’s lack of understanding or inhuman living.  The study of Madhyasth Darshan is for becoming adept with understanding that is necessary for a human being to live in harmony within oneself, in family, in society, and with nature.

The content of this understanding is: - (1) existence as coexistence, (2) consciousness (the self), and (3) humane conduct. 

(1)            Existence is coexistence – as matter saturated in absolute power.  Space in which all units are present itself is the absolute power.  Space as absolute power is there at places where matter is not there and also at the places where matter is there.  The absolute power permeates matter, whereby matter is enriched with energy, forceful, and active.    The activity of matter is orderly and it has purpose.  There is successive emergence in this purposeful existence, from one state of order to next state of order - with higher order including the lower order in its fold.  There are four orders – material order, bio order, animal order and knowledge order.  Human being is the final stage of this emergence – with the potential for realizing completeness and its continuity.  If human being becomes clear about the orderliness principle of existence as coexistence, they become motivated to be orderly themselves. 

(2)            Human being is a combined expression of body and jeevan.  Body is a physiochemical form that emerged in the course of evolution.  Jeevan is the conscious entity, which is an atom that expresses consciousness using body as its medium.  Jeevan is immortal with inexhaustible conscious powers of thinking, desiring, understanding, realizing.  Jeevan (self) mistakenly identifies itself with body and remains ignorant about their own inexhaustible powers.  This illusion, as false sense of self, results in problems at every step in human being’s living, and such living is called 'animal consciousness'.  This illusion is dispelled when self (jeevan) awakens to its true nature, and becomes rooted in understanding.  Jeevan is the basis of seeing equality among all human beings.

(3)            The living with understanding is characterized as ‘humane conduct’ – as manifestation of values, character, and ethics by successively evidencing resolution at the level of individual, prosperity at the level of family, trust at the level of society, and co-existential harmony at the level of universal order.  Humane conduct is the basis of well being of all.  It gives the benchmark (absolute standard) for human being to do self evaluation and evaluation of others.  It is only with self evaluation with respect to the absolute standard of humanness that one can see the path for attaining one's full potential. 

Madhyasth Darshan gives the vision of undivided society and universal order on Earth.  This Darshan has been presented by Sri A Nagraj as alternative of both idealism (which propagates adherence to faith) and materialism (which propagates use of reason and intellect).  Human being cannot live by faith alone, nor could he live by his reason/intellect alone.  He needs satisfaction of his reason and intellect, alongside evidence of his faith.  The study of Madhyasth Darshan begins by  satisfying one's reason and intellect.   It does it by way of dialogue between one who knows (the teacher) and the one who wants to know (the student), whereby the latter gradually builds his concept about orderliness in existence and arrives at conclusion and builds up faith to live thereby.  This process of dialogue between student and teacher accompanied with practice in living itself is education, which leads the student to realize his true self, whereby all his false identities shed off, his true self shines forth, and he becomes truly wise, self reliant, capable of leading an awakened life, and evidence the real nature of human being as 'human consciousness'.  

Madhyasth Darshan can be easily understood by anyone who is sincere about leading a meaningful and happy life.  As more and more people are understanding and becoming committed to live thereby, its study is becoming increasingly easier.  Six to seven days Jeevan Vidya workshops are conducted at many places in India, that provide necessary overview for taking decision to study this proposal in full detail.  The study of Madhyasth Darshan is being imparted at a few places in India.

Wishing you all the best!

-          Rakesh Gupta (, written in my capacity as student of Madhyasth Darshan propounded by Sri A. Nagraj.  More details at 

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