Sunday, August 6, 2017

The prevalent traditions have rotted and they cannot be reformed.

Question:  What is your opinion about common man who is caught up in the prevalent traditions?

Answer:  You have used two words – “tradition” and “common man”.  I understand tradition to be under four heads: 1. Education, 2. Religion, 3. State, 4. Commerce.  These four are at the helm of any tradition.  Every human being (common man) is onboard a tradition in one way or the other.  In my eyes the prevalent traditions have become totally rotten.  They have nothing to offer to common man, still they keep bragging to be their saviour.   While in reality, not a single person could be found who has been saved by them - the “saviours” themselves look drowned.  On this basis I say prevalent traditions have become rotten and useless. 

The hope is in human being not in these traditions.   More than 51% of every human being is meaningful - which means their reform is possible.  The prevalent traditions cannot reform; there is nothing left in them which could be reformed.  A new tradition (of humanness) itself will be established in place of these meaningless traditions.

The tradition per se will not go away.  The education tradition will remain – whether education is meaningful or meaningless.  The state will remain – whether state is meaningful or meaningless.  The present state is essentially a rule that is based on a constitution.  The constitution essentially describes how to rule by a power centre – which is to stop one mistake by making another mistake, stop one crime by committing another crime, and stop one war by waging another war. 

Can anyone be reformed by forcefully stopping them from doing something?  It is evident that more we try stopping crimes and wars by force, the more intense they become.  The commerce (business) is addicted to exploitation, which it cannot give up.  The religion is addicted to blind adulation of masses in return of their assurances of saving the sinners, turning selfish into benevolent, turning unwise into wise.  Until now there is no evidence of these assurances getting fulfilled.  Human race until today has lived in guilt thinking – “I may be wrong but the tradition is right.”  I want to open the eyes of human being, and not of these traditions.  I am not concerned about these traditions.  I am a human being and my concern is with human beings.

Question:  On one hand you say that our prevalent traditions have become rotten; at the same time you call the product of these traditions - human being - to be more than 51% meaningful.  If tradition is rotten then its product should also be rotten.  Can you please explain this?

Answer: - Those who are in heading education, religion, state and commerce of these traditions – they do not have any inquiry for reforming themselves.  The frameworks in which they operate do not have any basis to inquire about their own reformation.  That is the reason of their rotten state, while every human being has innate inquiry for own reformation.  On this basis I say that more than 51% of human being is meaningful.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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