Thursday, August 10, 2017

Supreme Power

Question:  Your entire postulation is based on existence.  You have said that matter’s presence is in the supreme power.  Whole existence is that way.  You have said – this supreme power is there at places where no units are present, and it is also there at places where units are present tightly packed.  Please explain this.

Answer: - Space as supreme power can be easily understood.  Space is a reality – which we can call ‘void’, ‘supreme power’ (satta), ‘paramatma’, or ‘God’.  What is the reality of Space?  It is the absolute reality.  It is the fundamental energy.  It is such reality in which all units (configurations of matter) are present with capability of being inspired from it.  How do units get inspired from Space for their activity?  Does Space shove units into action?  There is one hypothesis that it started with a bang, and with its push all started one by one.  The supreme power doesn’t have any trait of pushing.  It has no pulse, no movement, and no compression – so there is no question of its pushing.  It is evident that every object is energized and inspired in the supreme power.  The supreme power is omnipresent as Space.  Every unit is immersed in and encircled by Space.  Without Space there would not have been a way to separate units from one another.  The cause of units joining one another also is the presence of Space between them.  In this way Space is the basis of both composition and decomposition of units.  Space itself is the basis of continuous enrichment of units with energy (oorja-sampannta), evident as their continuous activity (kriyasheelta).

Let’s see this concept in another way.  First there are realities as units that are bounded with certain volume, and we can compare the volumes of different things.  Then there is omnipresent Space as another kind of reality for which ‘volume’ and ‘boundary’ as no meaning.

According to Materialism – Space is not present at the places where units are present; in other words the units displace Space.  Therefore it considers units to be more powerful than Space.  While in reality all units are inseparably present in Space as shoonyakarshan - which means there is no attraction (push or pull) or expression of weight between unit and the Space. Earth, Sun, Solar system, Galaxies everything is in shoonyakarshanShoonyakarshan is the state of every being.  The expression of weight is only in the mutuality of units.  For example – atoms exhibit weight due to their tendency of forming molecule with other atoms.  In the same way molecules exhibit weight due to their tendency of combining with other molecules to form a physiochemical object.  This exhibition of weight by units is called force of attraction.  The purpose of attraction force among units is their participation in the development progression or in the universal order.  For example, a stone dropped from a height within Earth’s environment falls back on Earth because of its inherent tendency of harmony.  This inherent tendency gets exhibited (while falling of stone) and is called as weight or gravitation force. 

With these illustrations we understand that all units are active and the supreme power (the omnipresent Space) is permeating all units - as its evidence every unit has kriyasheelta (activeness), niyantran (regulation) and bal-sampannta (forcefulness).  Wherever a unit may be in existence, this kriyasheelta, niyantran and bal-sampannta remain as it is – which too is the evidence of permeability of the supreme power.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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