Saturday, July 15, 2017

Universal Constitution for Humankind

One turns to ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on what one can see.  If one can’t see the road to good then one turns to bad.  This proposal shows the road to universal good.  You can verify it the way I did.

First – Character of humanness is universal.  Humane character is in the form of righteous wealth, righteous conjugality, and kindness in action.

Second – The values flow when we have identified how we are related.  Identification of relationships, responding based on values, evaluation, and mutual fulfilment.  It is only then can we say we have nyaya in our relationships.

Third – We are ethical only when we make good use of our resources of body, mind, and wealth - and ensure their security.

In this way a human being with conduct of humanness is rooted in values, has strength of character, and lives ethically.  These three are the bases for human being’s living in universal order.  When I went about elaborating this sutra in various levels of human living - in family, in society, in occupation, in nature – it took the form of ‘universal constitution’ of humankind.   Conduct of humanness alone can be the basis of national character. 

In the past we thought and built systems of governance based on religion and commerce, but those turned out to be failures.  We need their alternative.  The alternative proposal is – nation building with national character that is based on conduct of humanness.  No human being will have difficulty in understanding this proposal wherever and whenever.  You must taste the conduct of humanness for once!  

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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