Tuesday, July 4, 2017

‘yog’ and ‘sanyog’

Let me tell you here the meaning of words ‘yog’ and ‘sanyog’.  Yog means coming together.  For example, if we are going somewhere and we meet someone or something – say a stone, or another person – that’s yog.  Sanyog means coming together for the purpose of completeness.  Completeness for human being is in their orderly living.  Ultimate completeness for human being is in their becoming authentic by producing evidences of their wisdom.  Every human being wants orderly living and authenticity, however not finding its source anywhere one is left with no other choice but adjust with what is available in tradition. Yog and Sanyog have always been there.  There have been many efforts of achieving ‘completeness’ in human history, their becoming successful or not is another matter.  Humankind has made many sacrifices for achieving completeness.  A sacrifice doesn’t go in vain.  If we strike a boulder again and again with hammer, eventually we succeed in breaking it apart.  The last strike made the success evident but had the previous strikes happened, that’s why the last strike got success.  All previous strikes contributed in the success of last strike.  If I have found some success then it has contribution of all previous efforts.  I believe whole humankind has contributed for this success.  The biggest benefit of my seeing it this way is that success didn’t go to my head.  I got to meet very few people who are arrogant in this way.  Whatever arrogance one may have come with, I have seen it getting dissolved after my walking a few steps with them.  All my meetings with people from different walks of life had cordiality and simplicity.  This doesn’t mean everyone who I met accepted what I had to say.  Many people don’t accept what I am saying, and I respect them as well.  It is not their fault; they have been laden with contrary beliefs by their tradition due to which they are not able to see what I am saying.  I am happy irrespective of anyone’s accepting or rejecting my proposal about the way reality is.  Every human being has the seed for turning to what is right, which would sprout and flower only when its sanyog happens.  Every human being naturally wants good to happen.  We need to build environment which nurtures this want of goodness in human being.  Sanyog is when human beings meet for the sake of resolution, order, and undivided society.  Sanyog is not by merely meeting of like minded people.  A meeting of two thieves and two robbers is not for the purpose of achieving resolution and order, therefore that is not sanyog.

- An excerpt from English translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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