Friday, July 14, 2017

Only way to save Earth from annihilation

Human being will have self confidence after having understood what self is.  We will need to precisely understand nyaya, dharma and satya to understand self.  Nyaya is understood on the basis of relationship.  Dharma is understood on the basis of universal order.  Satya is understood on the basis of existence – which is always in effect by way of coexistence.  The entire grandeur of three orders of nature apart from human being is already aligned to the universal order.  Human being also has the innate thirst for universal order to some degree.  One cannot achieve bodh of universal order by reading textbooks of prevalent (deluded) education.  It is only after achieving bodh of universal order, and living in that order, that a human being becomes capable of fulfilling their dharma. Dharma of any entity in existence is its being and its participation in universal order.   The dharma of material order is to exist.  The dharma of bio order is to grow along with existing.  The dharma of animal order is want of living along with growing and existing.  Happiness is the dharma of human being.  How will happiness happen?  Happiness will happen by becoming resolved.  Resolution results by living in universal order.  Orderly living of human being depends on their achieving wisdom.  Wisdom all in all is to have bodh of existence, jeevan and conduct of humanness.

It is only after having achieved bodh of universal order that human being becomes dedicated to live thereby, which is sankalp.  One then lives in universal order with this sankalp.  We humans can create good circumstances by our living thus.  We will need to adopt humane education which will give rise to good sense in humankind.  There is no other way from saving this Earth from annihilation.  Let us be very clear about it.  It is needed now.  If we don’t understand it then circumstances will force us for understanding it.  

- An excerpt from English translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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