Sunday, July 9, 2017

Liberation from Fear and Temptation

We become capable of doing justice by identifying our relationships based on their purpose, evaluating value in our responses, and finding mutual fulfilment.  This replaces our approach so far of identifying relations out of fear or temptation.  There was no point in evaluating responses based on fear and temptation, since neither fear nor incentive is value.  Fear and temptation are two sides of the same coin.  Fear and temptation based responses can make things quiet for sometime in a relation, but the malaise remains as it is.  The courts too could not get us justice, since these too work based on fear and temptation.  For centuries, we humans have been living with compromises in our relations.  We could not achieve a just social order thus far in our history.  We have lived so far based on fear and temptation which are not values or basis of evaluating a relationship.

Human beings, in their history, couldn’t discover the universal values of their living.  Had they discovered those values we would have had their expression and evidences which would naturally have resulted in justice.  The courts today deliver judgment not justice.  One side gives consent to that judgment out of fear and the other out of temptation.  Mutual fulfilment never happened in these trials, nor can it ever happen.  We humans have altogether failed in getting justice in all our efforts so far.  It is ironical that we still make claims of our advancement.  What is the meaning of this advancement?

Every human being wants to become liberated from the vicious trap of fear and temptation.  This liberation is humankind’s destiny.  This liberation will be good for both human being and rest of the nature.  

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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