Sunday, July 9, 2017

Identification of Relationship

Identification of a relationship is identification of innate purpose in that relationship.  Study is nothing but understanding purpose of all our relationships.  One naturally becomes dedicated for that whose purpose is understood.  Dedication leads to capability of living with justice, which in turn leads to expected outcome (mutual fulfilment in all relations).  This is one simple way to lead a successful and meaningful life.  All round resolution of human being is linked with all their relations.  The purpose of all relations is in human being’s becoming resolved, and thereby happy.  We humans trust, love, make friends and become grateful to evidence our resolution, our happiness.  We are seeking resolution from our relations.

Universal human values are: - mamata, vatsalya, vishwas, sneha, kritagyata, gauravta, prem, shraddha, and samman.  The acceptance of whatever help we may have received for our all round resolution is kritagyata.  Once kritagyata is actualized, other values also start getting actualized – such as sneha, prem, vishvas.   You wouldn’t find a person who hasn’t got any help in some form or the other from somewhere or the other.  A human being grows up, becomes capable, and produces evidences only with help of everyone else.  The continuity of relationships is only when one lives by values in one’s relationships.  A relationship without values doesn’t have continuity.  In general even today we present ourselves with decency to those with whom we feel related.   

Traditionally, we kept identifying our relation with others based on their power, money, intelligence or age. While in reality, all relations are first for evidencing all round resolution, second for nourishment of body, third for protection from any harm, fourth for acquiring things of utility, fifth for utilization of these things for well being in society, and sixth for understanding and evidencing human purpose.  

Authenticity is the highest value in a relationship.  Everyone becomes satisfied with authenticity of evidence.  

- excerpt from English translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya.

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