Sunday, July 2, 2017

Humane Tradition

Every human being wants to lead a dignified life.  Justice is the minimum qualification for dignity in human living.  I see justice as – identification of relationship, responding based on values, evaluation, and mutual fulfilment.  I also understood that every human being is a seeker of justice from the moment they are born.  They want to work and behave in the right way.  Every child naturally speaks truth.  On this basis what should be the content of our education?  Education should impart understanding of truth, provision practice of right work and behaviour, and instill capability of delivering justice.  The reformation of human tradition will happen on its own if education incorporates these into its content.  Unless this happens it will not be possible to bring about humane tradition. 

Justice is the starting point of humane tradition.  Most important aspect of understanding justice is recognizing eternal continuity in human being’s relationship with their environment and with other human beings.   When a person commits mistake, first someone from his own family delivers justice by guiding him.  If no one in family could deliver justice then someone from his village takes up that responsibility.  If no one in the village could help then he naturally turns to the level of State, then Nation, and at the end he starts asking if there is any justice on Earth.  Human being, therefore, has natural tendency towards reformation.  It is evident that the world of today is looking for a change.  It has not been clear to anyone what exact change they want.  This proposal addresses it.

Education based on sanskar alone can do the missionary work of this proposal.  Education needs to be humanized.  If every human being has to evidence justice in their living then we must provision wisdom in education.  Science has to include study of consciousness.  Unless we understand consciousness we will not be able to understand existence, and without understanding existence how will we understand its order?  Jeevan itself is the entity that understands existence.  Therefore our education ought to include the study of jeevan.  Psychology needs to incorporate sanskar aspect – which is about study of human consciousness.  Consciousness, in case of human being, includes both sensitivity and intelligence.  Philosophy needs to be taught with authenticity by giving real life evidences.  Such authenticity can only come with the way of humaneness and it cannot come through materialism or spiritualism.  Human being can become wise and existence is always there up close for human being’s achieving wisdom. 

- An excerpt from English translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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