Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gaps in Constitution and Education

The conduct of humanness is missing everywhere in human tradition.  It is neither present in our education nor is it there in our constitution.  The current constitution has no provision of evaluating conduct of humanness.  Constitution that describes rule by power center cannot provision evidencing conduct of humanness.  Such constitution can never be humane.  Conduct of humanness is not possible if one lives according to such constitution.  Not a single person could evidence conduct of humanness by living in accordance with such constitution.  No one could muster courage or wisdom to critique constitution in this way.  Human happiness is not possible and their conflicts will continue unless these gaps are filled.   

Wisdom is the only way to escape from this garbage.  Education must be humanized for this.  Science needs to incorporate study of consciousness.  Philosophy needs to incorporate practicability aspect. Geography and History need to incorporate study of human being and humanness.  It is only when humanness gets incorporated in education that human tendencies will naturally shift towards orderly living and producing evidence of understanding in their living.  It is with our true identity as human beings will we become successful in providing opportunities and achieving universal human goals of resolution, prosperity, absence of fear and coexistence.  The completeness in education is possible only when it is based on Sanskar of humanness, not by any other way.  Sanskar or values that we talk about today are based on our assumption and not on reality.  These assumptions or beliefs are not universal.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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