Sunday, July 2, 2017


Evidence, according to me, is in my enabling other person with wisdom that I have understood, learning that I have learnt and skills that I have mastered.  We need to produce evidences of these three aspects - wisdom, learning and skills - of intelligence in our living.  There is no fourth aspect.  It is alright if there is shortcoming in our learning and skills, but our wisdom has to be complete for evidencing.  We humans have accomplished a great deal in learning and doing but we are nil when it comes to wisdom.  Today we consider learning and doing as most valuable, but all our learning and all our skills (in the absence of wisdom) could not get us any resolution or relief, and we have kept on getting stuck somewhere or the other.  The need now is to study human being.  The evidence of wisdom has to happen after we have studied human being.  The study of human being was left behind by both idealism and materialism.  Idealism (spiritualism) considered gods-goddesses and the God to be supreme and ignored study of human being.  Materialism too left human being out of their frame, modelling everything as machine, and machine itself became evidence or reference for them.  Idealism, on the other hand, made gospel or holy book of their religion as reference or evidence.  This under-estimation of human being manifested as illusion, and every human effort only furthered this illusion.  Trapped in illusion, human being suffered, became frustrated, and felt defeated.  Now the question is – how can human being be rescued from this illusion?  All seats of power have kept giving assurances of salvation, but without evidence how long would it all last?

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya Ek Parichaya

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