Sunday, July 9, 2017

Education based on Sanskar

Education based on Sanskar means instilling the sutra of wisdom in every family, in every individual and in every child.  We can also call it the propagation of wisdom.  As mentioned earlier, the sequence of articulating this wisdom is: - first – darshan, second – vaad (ideology), third – shastra (discipline in living), and after shastra comes the yojana (program).  One of the programs is Jeevan Vidya Yojana (Jeevan Vidya Program) which shows the way for human being’s orderly living in family.  Second program is – shiksha ka manviyakaran yojana (Humanization of Education Program).  It is about schooling based on this wisdom.  We tried these ideas at a school in Bijnaur (UP).  It went on for five years.  We observed effects of this education.  I had been rejecting the claims of people that environment of upbringing determines one’s character.  We discovered the opposite here.  If environment always supersedes human will how could I become successful in discovering this darshan?  Children of this school started positively affecting their families, their families in turn started positively affecting environment of that region.  The children started identifying themselves as jeevan and they started feeling the utmost need of orderly living.  Many children, as a result, started evaluating what they show on TV as meaningless.  Gradually disputes among families there started getting dissolved.  As per my knowledge those villages are not left with any disputes now.  The children affected their environment.  On this basis I say this education has some substance.

In the shiksha ka manviyakaran yojana (Humanization of Education Program) we will teach consciousness as part of Science.  Consciousness means study of jeevan and its awakening.  We will teach the way physiochemical world goes through cycles of formation and deformation.  We will teach how these activities of physiochemical world are complementary for human being and how human being can become complementary to the physiochemical world.  Thereafter we will teach darshan shastra (philosophy) along with practicability aspect.  This means philosophy is meant for imparting wisdom needed for human living.  We build our identity with wisdom.  It is with wisdom that we identify purpose in our relations, respond based on values, and get mutual fulfilment upon evaluation.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya.

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