Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Earth’s temperature is rising

The prevalent scientific education declares that everything is chaotic and uncertain.  Upon reading all this, its students start rationalizing their own undisciplined and chaotic behaviour.  When graduate scholars of this education go about living in society they start furthering the spread of disorder and imbalance.  The present condition of this Earth illustrates this.  Earth’s temperature is rising.  What is the root cause?  Everybody knows why this is happening, including the scientists.  The temperatures are rising because we have extracted coal and petroleum from underneath.  These substances digest heat and when we removed these from their place it is natural that temperatures started rising.  This rise in temperature is resulting in rise of sea levels.  How high could the sea levels rise?  The place where we are sitting it could have two hundred to three hundred feet high water.  Only few hills may be left out of water.  We have become stuck this way.  Many developed countries call out saying let us together fix this situation.  It is well known from history who started all this.  Our extracting coal and petroleum is a violation with Earth.  We can know whether Earth can still recuperate from this damage only after these violations stop.  Human beings live in the temperature range from -20 degrees until +50 degrees.  The body temperature everywhere remains same despite variation in outside temperature.  How does this happen?  It happens because body has the substance which maintains its temperature.  In the same way, coal and petroleum are the substances which maintain Earth’s temperature.  Now the issue is how can we stop the extraction of coal and petroleum?  We will need to discover alternative sources of energy.  We can generate 50 times electricity than what our requirement if we could harness the energy from the rivers that flow on Earth.  We need to develop efficient turbines for generating electricity from force of the flowing rivers.  Secondly, we can design engines that use vegetable oil instead of petrol or diesel.  Oil seed vegetations could be grown in large areas.  Third, solar energy efforts need to get more focus.  We need to make more and more machines and systems work with solar energy.  In this way we can get more energy than our requirement from resources on Earth’s surface.  We can stop the use of coal and petroleum by replacing them with alternative sources of energy.  It is only then can we test how Earth heals itself from the wounds inflicted on it by human being.

Earth provisioned environment for human being’s secure living but human being with all their intelligence rebelled, attacked and exploited it.  Human being has been busy spoiling their environment since antiquity.  More damages happened since coming of scientific age and now we have become totally stricken. If a man drowns in a river then there is a possibility for him to resurface and get saved.  It is up to us whether we want to do something for saving Earth.  Our thoughts determine our circumstances.  If we want something then circumstances become favourable for it and if we don’t want circumstances become unfavourable.  We have erred in our evaluation of environment's significance due to our own foolishness, thereby we have injured nature and we got injured ourselves.  We were rejoicing while doing all this destruction but now we are afraid on seeing the possibility of our getting destroyed.  This sums up the human history thus far.  

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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