Monday, July 17, 2017


Anubhav is the point of fulfilment.  Upon achieving anubhav we become capable of communicating it.  Anubhav is the source of my fulfilment.  If you could understand my expression of anubhav, it is further celebration for me.  If you could not understand, my fulfilment remains unaffected.

The idealism thus far has kept asserting that anubhav is incommunicable.  I assert that anubhav is always communicable.   It is an integral activity in jeevan. 

It is possible to evidence wisdom only in human tradition.  You don’t need any material for knowing and believing, as these activities happen in jeevan.  The activities of knowing and believing are not based on bodily sensations therefore these don’t need anything material.  Material things are required for recognizing and responding in the course of living.  The ‘living’ is of human being as a whole (and not of jeevan alone).  Anubhav activity doesn’t involve mun which is the outer most orbit of jeevan that feels the sensations from body.  Anubhav in atma directly results in celebration of munAtma – the nucleus of jeevan atom - is the source of fulfilment.  The mun, celebrating from the effect of anubhav in atma, can’t hold back this blissfulness and tells the world.   Even now, if we have a bountiful of something material we feel like sharing it.  Anubhav is such a big bounty that mun can’t contain it.

I have this anubhav.  The idealistic tradition proclaims that anubhav is incommunicable.  I proclaim that anubhav is communicable.  Now you can study and decide who you want to believe.  Human being can communicate anubhav if they so desire.  I am its living evidence.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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