Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wisdom based Living

There are no difficulties in wisdom based living.  The difficulties are only when we base our living on ignorance.  This Earth is one integral whole.  It is we humans who have divided it into many fragments and called them as nations.  Not just that, we have deployed armies around each fragment and we keep fighting every now and then.  The Earth cannot be made into pieces, and no one will survive if it is done to pieces.  Are we truthful if we assume Earth to be as many pieces while it is actually an integral whole?    This is something to think about.  It illustrates how entrenched in lies we have become.  Another illustration is our dividing humans like animals based on their skin colour and race.  What kind of intelligence is that?  The valuation of human being can be based on their wisdom and not based on colour of their skin or their race.  The history is full of conflicts and revolts that resulted based on these fictitious bases of valuation of human being.  For example – revolt against slavery, then revolt against feudalism.   Feudalism has given way to democracy but we humans haven’t learnt orderly living based on socialism or humanism.  The lie is in assuming that we have achieved the wisdom of orderly living, while all that we humans could achieve till now is objects of comfort.  The wars, conflicts, exploitation are still there as it is.  We are living with lies.  The lie is in the idea of Nation that is based on assumption that Earth is fragmented.  The lie is in the idea of Constitution that assumes rule by power centre (State).  Nation is above everything.  Constitution is above everything.  While the essence of Constitution (anywhere in the world) is – Rule by Power Centre.  What is Rule by Power Centre?  It is to stop one mistake by making another mistake, stop one crime by committing another crime, and stop one war by waging another war.  Some constitutions provision ensuring basic utilities for all (thereby provide a level playing field), while assuming one who has money will be able to struggle and survive.

Everyone declares - life is a struggle and our survival depends only on struggle.  Is there any truth in such declarations?  All lies have their roots in such declarations.  Families, Education, Business etc are buried under bundle of such lies.  Some try to escape from these lies while some remain buried.  We want to reform education (to bring about wisdom based living).

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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