Friday, June 23, 2017

Religion and State

They say destiny corrects its own course.  Some say nature itself will create circumstances which will make human life impossible on Earth once human excesses reach their extreme.  We hear about the climate change crisis and they are already calculating how many of world population will survive and how many will perish.  Some countries think their citizens should survive.  Some religions think their followers should survive and claim that their God is the only saviour.  Only their lot will survive and all others will perish.  What will happen by such thinking?  Where do you want to lead people by making such claims?  What will happen by thinking this way?  My view on this issue is – both State and Religion have completely lost their way.  The seats of religion do not have any basis for defining universal religion.  These don’t have anything to offer for education.  These don’t produce any real life evidences of what they claim about religion.  Where is religion then? 

In the same way, State at present has no definite concept or definition.  They say we need to work for saving our State.  What will you do for saving your State?  The answer comes – we will struggle!  Struggle is all about conflict, revolt, exploitation and war.  Who causes struggle – nature or human being?  When this was studied it was found that it is human being only who causes struggle.
Religion and State are two seats that have all the resources and all the power.  Both these seats of power have no basis for giving clear direction to people.  There is no need to mention the seat of Business which is ever ready for exploitation.  The seat of education says they don’t have any vision or provision for showing the way, giving direction, or recognizing definite goal of human being.  Now what is a common man to do?  One is not going to get any guidance from these seats of Religion, State, Business and Education.  Now the courage is to discover and pave the way ourselves.  That way is of wisdom, honesty, responsibility and participation.  The way of violence will not get anywhere.  Violence cannot fulfil our needs.  Still violence is considered as a legitimate means of State.  Isn’t that a big illusion?

Our own becoming wise is the only wise thing to do now.  The verification of wisdom happens in one’s own self.  You cannot become wise by examining me.  You will become wise only when you examine yourself.  I kept testing others for first thirty years of my life to no avail.  I didn’t get an ounce of wisdom by doing all that.  I found wisdom when I examined myself after my sadhana of twenty years.  I want to handover the wisdom that I accomplished by my sadhana to humankind.  This effort too is a part of that exercise.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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