Thursday, June 15, 2017

Human Being

Is human being a machine?  Can anyone take responsibility of answering this question?  I declare that human being is not a machine.  Human being is the maker of all machines that ever got made.  Therefore a machine can never replace a human being.  A machine is always gross compared to human being; therefore it cannot fully appreciate a human being.  Secondly, a machine is made of material order things.  It is worth noticing that they (scientists) haven’t been able to make a single machine with bio order things.  Still they keep boasting that human being is a machine!  How far is that line of thinking good for human race?  Can that thinking ever achieve all round resolution in human being?  It is such a deep rooted belief that human being is merely a machine and a consumer.  That has been the thinking so far, but the reality is different.  One surely feels being unlike a machine while living with one’s child!

I recognize human being only with consciousness.  Consciousness in human being is a combined form of intelligence and sensitivity.  Human being is no different from machine if we don’t recognize sensitivity in them.  Such mechanistic worldview could not result in fulfilment of human being.  I don’t see a way to fulfilment if we humans keep working like machines.  I invite any guru who can show the way to fulfilment through mechanistic living.  I have listened to those who describe human being based on principle of genetics but they couldn’t convince me.  The materialism and relativity principle too have been unsuccessful in giving definition of human being.  If human being gets described fully in terms of these three principles then we should accept those for our living.  Otherwise we should recognize human being as a human being is in reality.  This proposal (Madhyasth Darshan) does just that.

- An Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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