Sunday, June 18, 2017

Human being needs to awaken

We humans need to live in co-existential harmony with animal world and plant world as well.  If we take something from these then we should have something to give back as well.  We are living in our own dreamy world if we keep taking without giving anything back.  If we keep exploiting nature this way it will result in our own misery.  The current events (of climate change and pollution) illustrate this.  We humans need to determine how we ought to live with mineral world, plant world and animal world in order for us to live in co-existential harmony.  If we cannot determine our coexistence with them then we cannot call ourselves learned, nor can we call ourselves scientific, nor can we call ourselves wise.  Our learning, our science and our wisdom is incomplete until we determine how we ought to live with these.  What is human life without the plant world?  What is human life without this Earth, the hills, the minerals and the animal world?  Our living is integral with these.  These are magnificent treasures and we are to live with these.  These need to be for us to be.  It is human being who has choice to decide whether to live harmoniously or destructively.  Human being has lived destructively in misery because of their being in illusion.  Now they need to turn the tide.  Human being needs to awaken.  Human being needs to recognize coexistence with everything in existence.  When we go about recognizing coexistence with everyone, we discover that all these are (saturated) in the absolute power (Omnipotence or Brahman).  This recognition is first account of witnessing coexistence.  Then we witness the successive emergence from material order to bio order to animal order to knowledge order, with each stage arising from the previous, affecting their presence, and establishing their eternal magnificence.  Bio order is witnessed affected as an order in itself with continuity of its kind established.  Animal order too is witnessed as an order with their own character.  The central point is how human being is to understand their ‘own character’, how they are to understand their ‘own being’.  ‘Being’ and ‘character’ both need to be understood and lived (for human awakening).
- An excerpt from English translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya.

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