Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A definite destination can only be reached by a definite path.

“Jeevan Vidya” is to understand the meaning of ‘being’ (or self) and the meaning of ‘character’ of any reality in existence.  I recognize jeevan as the ‘self’ or ‘being’ of human being, in the same way you can also recognize.  Illusion is until one believes body to be self. The instant I recognized jeevan as my ‘being’ or ‘self’ I started living orderly.  You can also do it.  Human beings cannot start orderly living without recognizing jeevan as ‘self’.  This (transformative learning) process is natural and perfectly aligned to the way of emergence in coexistence.  Jeevan is the entity that understands and it is also the entity that is to be understood.  The liberation, according to the idealism, happens when the viewer, the vision and the view become one.  According to them God alone is the view, God alone is the viewer, and God alone is the vision.  A great deal has been written based on these premises.  It still remained unclear how God is, where God is, why there is God.  Still people listen to these things because it makes them feel good.  It is worth mentioning that the gap between ‘feeling good’ and ‘being good’ has remained as it has always been.  Later on, with coming of materialism, people started describing human being based on the model of a machine and failed again in doing that.  However they kept on arguing based on that premise in just the same way as idealists who kept on arguing based on the premise of God even if they could not explain it.  In this way human thinking has become stuck with these premises, unable to think anything else.  The alternative to these premises is to think based on the premise of jeevan’s eternity (immortality) and body’s mortality.  Mortal body is a recurring event for immortal jeevan.  Body gets formed in the womb.  An atom develops in natural course of emergence in existence and irreversibly transitions to conscious plane (by achieving constitutional perfection).  Body, being mortal, gets formed and after a duration it gets deformed and this process keeps happening again and again.  All units of bio order remain for certain duration after which they start decomposing.  Human body too is formed of cells of bio order.  Human body has the most enriched brain ever possible which is result of successive emergence in bio order forms.  The purpose of brain in human being is only to express and receive knowledge of existence.  On this basis I claim that one human being can communicate knowledge of whole existence to other.  What is one to do during one’s life time?  Human life is meant for evidencing jeevan’s awakening.  Sensitivity has been there in human being ever since they came about on Earth, which is not something which could be hidden or be covered up.  Both idealism and materialism failed in their efforts of hiding human sensitivity.  Idealism prescribed ways (penance, austerity etc) of subjugating sensitivity.  (Materialism propagated ways of appeasing sensitivity.)  Many ascetics happened on our Earth but we could not find the definite wisdom for which humankind thirsts, the wisdom which could be practiced in the form of tradition.  Now it is for those ascetics to say what they lost and what they found by their efforts.  Common people hoped to see miracles and mystical powers from these ascetics.  People have been mad after miracles and mystical powers.  Let me tell you that there is nothing mystical about existence, nor are there any miracles.  Existence is a definite order.  There are definite outcomes of definite actions in existence.  There are definite milestones and accomplishments in existence and each accomplishment has its continuity.  I have witnessed and understood it.  We, all human beings, are in anticipation of reaching a definite destination in our lives.  This definite destination can only be reached by a definite path. 

We cannot reach our definite destination without studying human being as human being is. 

We cannot reach our definite destination by declaring cockroach to be most developed life form! 

We cannot reach our definite destination by destroying our land with chemical fertilizers and insecticides. 

We cannot reach our definite destination by equating creations of mind to material wealth calling it ‘Intellectual Property Right’ and using it for exploitation. 

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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