Monday, May 1, 2017

Wisdom and Universal Tradition

The current systems of State and Religion seem to be made for criminals (and not for sane human beings)!  Both State and Religion have their own programs for salvation of criminals!  These systems could not succeed in imparting Wisdom to human being.  While in reality, every human being wants to become Wise.  Every human being wants to be Honest, but these systems could not show the way to honest living.  Every human being wants to become Responsible, but there is no provision of showing Purpose of one’s responsibilities in prevalent tradition.  There is nothing wrong in their intentions.  People have wished for good and oft repeated that we should have Good of all, that everyone should have a family etc.  But merely saying these things is not enough, merely repeating such slogans don’t show the path for accomplishing these.  The book where it is written that we should have “Good for all”, in the same book later it is written – “This world and all relations here are fake, that only God is our real mother and father, and we need to seek only His refuge!”  All this is of no use.  Who benefitted after one had gone to the “real mother and father”!?  This kind of narrative has no purpose.  It’s only upon becoming Wise that one realizes Purpose.  The Purpose is innate in every relationship.  What is that Purpose?  The Purpose is in achieving Resolution, Prosperity, Fearlessness and Coexistence (Universal Harmony).  The Purpose is in making these happen.  The Purpose of all relationships is connected only with this, and Wisdom Tradition is formed when this link gets established.  Only Wisdom shall come in the form of Universal Tradition.  That which is not Wisdom would never become Universal Tradition, and for the same reason we don’t have it yet.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya Ek Parichaya.

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