Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Question on Faith

Every human being claims that he can experience and appreciate value of what he experiences.  This is a fundamental claim of every human being – which is natural, it is not an imposition, and it is spontaneously there in every human being.  Therefore acquiring the ability to experience reality as it is and precise appreciation of its value is every human being’s ‘need’.  The ‘source’ of experiencing and appreciating value is innate to every human being.  It is incredible how anyone could expect to be ‘the saviour’ of others?  And we, the common people, have kept faith in such assurances!  Now we need to decide whether we want to anchor our faith on empty assurances or on real life evidences.  My thought process since very beginning has been that faith should be based on real life evidences.  When I discovered that wisdom manifests in the form of real life evidences in human living – it naturally enthused me.  It was only in search of real life evidences that I had questioned the faith and set about rethinking everything, the result of which I am putting forth before you.  You can imagine my situation then; I had to find a new way because I had reached a dead end, this situation is no different from any of the seven billion people on Earth today – who have all doors closed. 

My situation then was no different from any other human being today.  I too have gone through the labyrinths of what is prevalent in the name of education and religious rituals.  Despite having gone through these I could neither accept that education nor could I accept those religious rituals.  My faith could not be anchored in both these things and perhaps this sense of void became the basis for my search for universal purpose.  

- An Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya. 

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