Monday, May 29, 2017

The need for rethinking

A human being needs to be capable of evidencing justice in order to live harmoniously in society.  The formation of sects happens by human beings who lack understanding of justice and as long as human beings are divided in different sects they cannot become free from dissent.  Conflict, exploitation, revolt, struggle and war are inevitable in sectarian divisions.  How can we believe that human being has become social (since their emergence on Earth) when there is so much dissent, conflict, revolt, and struggle among them?  If we were to accept armed conflict among sects as natural, then later it is possible that each individual human being also becomes ready to kill or even wage war.  Why do you want to control individuals from picking weapons?  Why not give this freedom of armed conflict to everyone?  This needs rethinking.  If we look closely we discover whatever we humans could do until now has not been enough, and we become ready to think all over again.  It is natural for a human being to think.  Every human being can think and research.  We need to be satisfied from our own research, and we also need to become resource for satisfaction of others’ research.

- An excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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