Friday, May 12, 2017


Evaluating and Reasoning are other two activities of Jeevan.  Jeevan keeps reasoning based on whatever perspective it has got for evaluating things.  All reasoning is meant for recognizing purpose of things.  Human purpose is to evidence resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and coexistence (universal harmony) in their living.  The reasoning which doesn’t connect with this purpose takes one towards making excessive consumption as one’s goal of life, which has no stability.

The reasoning of Science concludes that after some time entire human race will get annihilated and this Earth will get destroyed.  That is bound to happen if we move with their reasoning.  In reality, human being’s emergence on Earth took place only after it had become fully enriched.  Earth provided conducive conditions for human awakening.  In place of awakening, human being moved towards excessive consumption and got into an endless chase for comfort and accumulation.  This Earth doesn’t have enough material that could fulfil everyone’s lust for comfort and accumulation.  This lust has human being’s nemesis.  Therefore all comfort and accumulation needs to be aligned with purpose.  If we do that, we will find these material things are meant for nurturing and protecting of body, and social movement.  Human being’s living with happiness becomes possible upon their getting into progressive cycle based on this reasoning.  In this way, Jeevan’s goal is to evidence human awakening.  Its success is based on the fact that orderly living is every human being’s natural expectation.  Order requires us to recognize Justice in place of fear and temptation, and for that we need to become Wise.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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