Monday, May 15, 2017

Need to learn the Crimeless Way of Living

The crimeless way of living is not possible on the basis of what Science has to say about it, which has already come into education.  That line of thinking is heading towards annihilation.  It is heading towards destruction of Earth.  It is heading towards conflicts among humankind.  We have United Nations with goal of maintaining international order, which has held many conventions until now, but it still could not conclude whether authority of declaring war should be within UNO or it should remain with individual states?  It has not concluded whether war itself should be there or not?  Every four years they review and rethink the state of education, but haven’t concluded what would be a universally good education for human being. 

I have studied that in childhood every human being naturally desires to do everything properly, expresses their need for getting justice and speaks truth.  As the child grows up it learns to lie.  It is not possible for one to not lie in the environment that we have built.  Business today is full of lies.  State today is deceitful.  Education today doesn’t result in emergence of truth.  Where can one go in this situation?  One ends up building a routine and way of dealing with the world that is bound by circumstances.  In this way, humankind as a whole could not reach any definite goal, nor is it possible for them to reach anywhere if they continue in the same way.  Large institutions (like UNO) and States have big projects but they could not bring humankind out of this deadlock.

The need for coming out of this deadlock is definitely there, but it would only happen when human being becomes wise and starts living with humane conduct.  Universal values and their appreciation are related with understanding of coexistence.  We don’t need to make any laboratory for this.  Nor do we need to wage any war.  Harmony in relations requires us to know and believe in their purpose.  If we know and believe in the purpose of our relations in universal harmony of existence, our recognizing and responding (fulfilling duties and responsibilities in those relations) would naturally follow.  In the absence of this knowing and believing, disorientation in recognizing and responding is inevitable.  For example, humankind missed recognizing their relation and with Earth and its purpose.  Humankind missed knowing the purpose of environment; they could not understand the wholeness of Earth and its environment and as a result they ended up destroying Earth. 

We need to be very clear that this proposal is meant for humankind’s changing the direction in which it is currently headed.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya.

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