Thursday, May 11, 2017

knowing, believing, recognizing and responding

Human being has four activities – knowing, believing, recognizing and responding.  Among these - recognizing and responding activities are there in nature apart from human being as well.  Everything in nature recognizes everything else.  An object responds to other because it recognizes it.  An atomic particle also recognizes other atomic particle, thereby these evidence atomic order and take part in co-existential harmony.  In the same way molecules recognize and respond to one another and planets recognize and respond to one another.  In this way – the units of material order, bio order, animal order and knowledge order also recognize and respond to one another, thereby evidence mutual complementariness.  Human being has potential of knowing and believing along with recognizing and responding.  Human being becomes fulfilled and assured when their activities of recognizing and responding are based on their knowing and believing.  Knowing and believing happens only of purposes inherent in the universal order of existence.  Human being can become sociable only while understanding the purpose in existence.  Human being cannot become sociable and they cannot evidence co-existential harmony without knowing and believing the purpose in existence.  It is a huge pity that human being could not become capable of knowing and believing the purpose in existence despite having its possibility.  In this state human being remains impoverished and impoverish others.  Human being impoverished this Earth because of their own impoverishment.  According to my understanding, we need to develop accuracy in knowing and believing aspects of human being.  Every human being needs this accuracy.  The meaning of learning is to evidence wisdom in human living and making it flow in the form of tradition.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya. 

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