Thursday, May 11, 2017

Research and Exploration

Jeevan keeps exploring for Resolution all the time.  This is the leverage point for consciousness development in human being.  Not just in jeevan, exploration is intrinsic to every atom in nature.  The atomic particles too have tendency of getting into harmony of atomic constitution, and in the same way atoms have tendency of getting into harmony of molecules.  This very tendency causes molecules to bond and take the form of bodies.  We can understand that infinite planets and stars in existence are formed in the same way.  The diversity in nature is basically due to variation in number of particles that constitute atoms.  The diversity in the objects of nature is because there is diversity in atoms that constitute these objects.  The diversity evident in Bio Order illustrates this.  The constituent atoms of any physiochemical composition remain established in their natural state as physical activities while fulfilling their purpose of participating in the co-existential harmony.  The matter, of which all forms of nature are composed, is fundamentally a manifestation of Coexistence.  All that is there is existent, evident and present in the same way. 

Human being is a part of this very Existence.  Human being is inseparable from coexistence.  There is no escape for human being from coexistence.  The more he tried to escape this reality the more miserable he became.  Every human being wants resolution within him and he keeps seeking it.  Every human being is a rightful seeker for Order within and around him.  Human being lives by seeking, therefore has freewill.  It is clear that human being is seeking to live with happiness all the time.  Happiness is the singular purpose of human living.  Wisdom is the way to happiness.  Jeevan, when it becomes fulfilled, becomes able to sustain human being’s purpose of resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and coexistence (universal harmony) as evidence of orderly living. Orderly living of humankind entails presence of these four goals in human tradition.  Such human tradition has mutual complementariness evidencing the meaning of Coexistence.  Order is about sustaining co-existential harmony.  Whenever anything is done that contradicts this harmony it results in disorder.  Human being can cause any disorder due to their imagination and freewill.  Until illusion they remain ignorant about consequences of their actions and when they find out, it becomes too late.  Human being keeps exploring because they have imagination and freewill.  Research and exploration become successful only when these are for accomplishing Order in the form of universal human goals of resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and coexistence.

Wisdom entails a human being’s achieving following capabilities:

1. Self Confidence
2. Respect for Excellence
3. Balance in Learning and Living
4. Sociability in Behaviour
5. Self Reliance in Occupation

These can be called as good qualities with which a human being becomes sociable.  

Learning is in evidencing Wisdom in living.  Human being – as a unit whose presence is there in existence - alone becomes learned.  While every unit in existence keeps seeking (to become part of harmony), the learning happens only in human being.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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