Saturday, May 6, 2017

Inexhaustible Forces and Powers of Jeevan

 Jeevan has inexhaustible forces and powers.  Jeevan, upon resolution, has continuity of fulfilment and it keeps evidencing that resolution in human living.  Jeevan is force as a state in existence and it is power in motion.  Jeevan’s activities in motion get evidenced in mutuality (interaction) with others, while its activities in state are in the form of experiencing or becoming aware.  For example - we become aware of fulfilment (or un-fulfilment) from what we taste.  We become aware whether we could reach some conclusion or not upon evaluating.  In the same way we become aware of our state upon contemplation (revelation), conception and realization.  We keep scrutinizing for fulfilment at these five levels of our being.  Fulfilment at these five levels itself is the way to lasting happiness, which is also called as Peace, Contentment and Bliss.  Fulfilment at these five levels itself becomes the basis of self-organization in human being.  Self-organization itself is Orderly living in human being as Humaneness.  Orderly living of human being that is self-inspired itself is Swarajya.  Humane Conduct itself is the description of Swarajya.  The expanse of human awakening is in making their relationships meaningful in family, in society, in nature, and in human made systems. 

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya Ek Parichaya 

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