Wednesday, April 5, 2017

In Pursuit of Happiness

The formula (from this discovery) is simple – “Happiness is from Wisdom, Misery is from lack of Wisdom”.  Humankind has kept struggling until now to figure out this very formula.  First they struggled thinking - "Happiness could be achieved by doing penance, practicing yoga/meditation, or by renouncing this world".  People tried but they didn’t find any evidence of this path's actually leading to happiness, therefore it could not become established in the form of tradition.  Next time they tried with the premise – “One becomes happy by amassing lots of material wealth”.  This too didn’t work.  No one could become happy from any of these two approaches.  This discovery – “happiness is from wisdom” – has come about from humankind’s this very pursuit of happiness.  The Right happens in Wisdom.  All human beings are ‘one’ (in consonance) when they are in Right, while they are ‘many’ (in dissonance) when they are in Wrong.  It is not possible for you to agree with my wrong nor is it possible for me to agree with your wrong.

That which is wrong is as wrong for you, as it is for me.  That we are one in right is something I understood.  Our well being becomes assured only from Wisdom.  It is only from wisdom that we become happy and prosperous.  It is only in wisdom that we live in the form of Order.  It is only with wisdom that we humans evidence co-existential harmony.  Happiness becomes evident in human being in four stages – Resolution, Prosperity, Fearlessness, and Co-existential Harmony.  We achieve happiness (that has continuity) when these four things come about in our living.  We are bound to keep trying until we achieve these four things.  We tried performing all kinds of chanting, penances, worships, reciting scriptures, yoga, meditation, yajnas and we tried amassing lot of things as well – only in this pursuit of happiness.  However we could not achieve everyone’s happiness.  Wisdom is the way for every human being’s happiness.  Wisdom can be taken to every human being.

The first stage of wisdom is – understanding existence.  Existence is in four Orders.  First is Material Order – where in soil, stone, gem and metals are there, which already evidence definite conduct.  Second is Bio Order – wherein all trees, plants, vegetation and medicinal plants are there, and these too evidence their respective definite conducts.  Third is Animal order – wherein all sentient world (i.e. animals, birds etc) is there apart from human being.  These too evidence Order in accordance with their respective primal character.  Fourth is knowledge order, wherein only human being is there, which is still awaited to get into the Order of Universe.  Now think for yourself!  The highest order is lagging behind all!  What does this mean?  If this is not the root cause of human misery then what is?

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya.

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