Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Human being mandatorily wants happiness.  In our pursuits of happiness sometimes we imagine becoming happy by amassing comforts and wealth.  All human beings endeavour in one way or the other to become happy, however there is no evidence of anyone becoming fulfilled or having found lasting happiness from these endeavours.  I became happy (became established in the state of lasting happiness) based on wisdom (understanding of universal order of existence); and I think every human being can become happy upon becoming wise thus.  Human beings are one (in consent with one another) when they are “right” (in tune with universal order of existence) and are many (in discord with one another) when they are “wrong” (out of tune with universal order of existence).  In order to achieve convergence of all human beings there was a need to recognize something which is equally there in every human being, which could be the bearer of “right”, and that thing I understood is ‘Jeevan’.

When jeevan lives with understanding it produces resolution in every situation.  A human being is happy with resolution and miserable with problem.  The entity that understands is ‘jeevan’ while controlling a human body.  Animals can’t understand, whatever we could train animals are only in the purview of sensibility (responsiveness and susceptibility to sensory stimuli).  Our concern here is to impart understanding from one human being to another human being.  No one could teach anything to any human being by use of force.  Fear of livelihood can restrain one for some duration, but eventually one puts aside one’s defences to face the reality.  End of slavery is an example to illustrate this from history.  Human living that is based on sensibility must accompany fear and incentive.  All nations, all religions, all industrial establishments, all business organizations make claims of establishing order only on the basis of fear and incentive - while in reality, neither fear nor incentive could bring about a lasting order, because neither fear nor incentive is truly acceptable to human being.  What is truly acceptable to human being that they ought to have?  Human being ought to have values (in themselves) and technique for appreciating value (in others).  If we humans were to have these two, we will have a tradition of resolution.  Values are part of cognisance (that which bears understanding) and not something bodily or mechanical activity.  Science at present says everything is mechanical and there is no such thing as ‘value’ and thereby it propagates mechanical life of struggle with fear and incentive.  This mechanistic worldview has taken human being to the stage that has question mark on whether this Earth itself will remain or not.

A problem cannot be solved by bringing in another problem, or by bringing in whatever number of problems.  Problem gets solved only from resolution.  There is no lasting relief without resolution.  We need to develop a path that entails universal order through having values (in self) and appreciating values (in others).  We will become successful if we design our systems (education, judiciary, production, exchange and health) while focusing on jeevan’s relations, its fulfilment and its goal.  Whatever systems we build while keeping body in the centre and ignoring jeevan will only give rise to disorder.  That which feels good to body is not good for always.  No bodily activity has continuity.  Body is in the state of continuous change, while jeevan has constancy.  We need understanding so that we can make decisions in our living based on jeevan.  Jeevan is there in same way in everyone.  Jeevan’s powers are same in everyone.  Jeevan has inexhaustible powers and forces.  Jeevan doesn’t die or diminish.  Why doesn’t it diminish?  Jeevan atom doesn’t ever undergo any change in its constitution, so its powers and forces remain inexhaustible.  Jeevan’s forces become evident as state (in the form of cognition in human being) and its powers become evident as motion (in the form of capabilities of human being in work and behaviour).  Human being gives evidence of jeevan’s presence by accepting (and acknowledging) their own continuity of being.  Being itself is presence.  The study of any reality happens only in its presence.  Jeevan is equally there in all human beings, and its forces and powers are the same in every human being.  Happiness is the objective of every jeevan and as its evidence all human beings want to become happy.  

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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