Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Freedom from Vicious Cycle of Profit and Loss

When we go to market we ask value of everything – vegetables, grains, gold, whatever...  Who is appreciating value of everything?    It is human being who does this valuation.  If everything has value then what is the value of human being?  Discovering value of human being remains to be an unfulfilled need.  We value only those things where there is a possibility of making profit, while if we understood value of human being we would become free from the mindset of profit and loss.  If we become capable of appreciating human values, jeevan values, established values and moral values then we will become liberated from vicious cycle of profit and loss.  Such a big load will be off our chest if that happens.  It is a vicious cycle that spares none.  In the name of profit one does not hesitate sacrificing one’s own family members leave aside strangers.  One can come out of this trap only when one becomes capable of understanding values, not before.  We humans have tried many things to stem this menace but to no avail.  Communism and Capitalism are two examples.  Communism while denying profit for individual it eventually worked for profit for the State.  Capitalism on the other hand is with profit motive by declaration.  Therefore human being needs to understand their values and live thereby, to become free from the mindset of profit and loss.  The way for manifesting human values is by understanding jeevan, understanding existence in the form of co-existential harmony, and thereupon becoming confident about living with humane conduct – which is called as wisdom.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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