Friday, February 3, 2017

The State of Self Reliance upon Understanding

(As result of my sadhana) the moment I thoroughly understood Existence, Jeevan and Humane Conduct, I achieved a state which I will describe to you now.  This understanding resulted in my becoming capable of having self confidence.  I didn’t have to make any effort for getting this confidence.  I began verifying it in all aspects of my living.  In the same way, I became capable of respecting excellence.  It is natural for one to respect something whose value one can appreciate.   We can’t respect something whose value we don’t know.  Thirdly, I became capable to comfortably adopt this understanding into my everyday living.  I didn’t find any difficulty in living out my understanding of Existence and Jeevan.  I called this capability as balance in potential and individuality.  I truly realized my potential.  Fourth – I became capable of being social in behaviour.  I started getting fulfilment in my relations with other human beings.  As its benefit I found that I was left with no complaints with the world.  Instead I started scrutinizing meaningfulness of my own actions.  I deliver my duties and responsibilities towards the relations in which I live.  Fifth – I got into the state of prosperity.  Though I was born in a family which had established practices of manual labour and seva, and I had inherited those traits and skills – I didn’t know the meaning of prosperity.  Now I understood what prosperity means.  We experience prosperity when we do production in excess of our family's needs.  In this way, all these wonderful things came my way with this Understanding.  I called this state of mine as Self Reliance.  I became self reliant, and it is possible for you to achieve this state as well.  When I became self reliant, I found that I can impart this understanding to the world.  Therefore, I started penning down my understanding in the form of a document.  First document is – Madhyasth Darshan Sah-Astitva-Vad.  I presented Madhyasth Darshan in four parts.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya.

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