Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Coexistence as Theses

Thereafter I documented theses that describe how this understanding (of Coexistence) shall manifest as art of good living (in different walks of human life).  The economic theories that are available thus far are all obsessed for profit.  It is very clear that human happiness is impossible by implementing those ideas.  Cyclical Economics proposed here paves way for every human being’s happiness. 

Second thesis is – Behavioural Sociology.  Human being becomes content (or contentment in a human being becomes evident) only in his behaviour with other human beings, which happens only when there is justice in that behaviour.  It builds around the definition of Humane Conduct.    It positions Humane Conduct as Code of Conduct for any Nation.  This can be accepted in the form of Constitution by citizens of all Nations.  This can eliminate the constant fear of war among nations.  As long as there are wars, human beings cannot live without causing destruction on Earth.  More wars mean more thoughts of destruction.  Great deal of science and large number of scientists are currently devoted for war effort.  They are paid very highly for this work and they too believe that they are doing something great.  While net result of all their efforts is destruction of Earth.  This gives us an assessment of value of scientific thinking.  We have to become liberated from war mentality and for that we have to become wise, and there is no other way.

Third thesis that I have written is – Human Conscience based Psychology.  This document tries to postulate that Jeevan is the basis of Conscience in human being.  Body is a vehicle of Jeevan for expressing Conscience (as human consciousness, godly consciousness and divine consciousness) in human tradition.  I have tried to explain this here, which you all can verify.  If you understand it (upon verifying yourself) then I will consider my writing was meaningful.

In this way, I documented my understanding as darshan (as holistic description of reality), vaad (as ideologies based on the premises of darshan), and shastra (as theses that describe art of good living based on premises of darshan).  The central theme of these theses is orderly living for human being.  What is the way for humans to live in a harmonious order?  What is right and wrong for human being?  What are the norms?  What are the processes in the universal order?

- an excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya Ek Parichaya

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