Saturday, January 28, 2017

Understanding Jeevan and Existence

The main point to understand here is – what is it that carries forward the results of human effort from one lifetime to next?  I have precisely seen it.  It is ‘jeevan’ that is capable of carrying forward.   I have seen it to be having inexhaustible forces and inexhaustible powers.  I can impart that understanding to you as well.  If you have quest for it then you can understand as well.  I have confidence that you (every human being) have the need to understand, therefore you are bound to come around to this.

It is clear that whatever a jeevan decides to do with body it always turns out to be more than what the body has need for.  It is natural, since jeevan is immortal and has inexhaustible capacity while body is mortal and its capacity is limited.  I have seen jeevan.  I have seen human being to be a combined form of jeevan and body. 

Human beings thus far have not been able to understand Jeevan and Existence by way of Study – i.e. going from listening to word to comprehension of meaning.  Science, wherever it explained fundamental nature of existence, it only demonstrated instability and uncertainty.  Science has kept giving ideas for struggle and building obsession for profit, sex and consumption.  We kept accepting these ideas and after having experienced their outcomes – we found these ideas could not become a basis of our own fulfillment.  In this way we have lived with an inner conflict – wherein we did things that contradict our happiness.  Now the proposal that I am offering, you need to first understand it.  After understanding it, you need to verify it the way I verify it, and when you become satisfied with verification you will naturally offer yourself for educating others.  The test of our having understood is in our enabling others with understanding.  I have realization that understanding is of harmonious coexistence.  In this harmonious coexistence, each human being can experience prosperity by producing more than the needs of their family.  This understanding of harmonious coexistence manifests only in the form of resolution in every aspect of human behaviour.  I have seen how we spread far and wide while imparting understanding to others, evidencing our knowledge even though size of body remains the same.  It is clear that this proposal of understanding is about things that are not limited to the confines of body.  This proposal can ignite enthusiasm in each human being by making them aware of their inherent expectation and potential for understanding.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya - Ek Parichaya

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