Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Missing Aspects in Present Education

Current education system doesn't impart complete knowledge to students in any single subject. The missing aspects, due to which their study remains incomplete, are as follows: - 

  1. Study of Consciousness (jeevan) in Science. 
  2. Study of Impressions for Perfection (sanskar) in Psychology.
  3. Study of Ethical Utilization of material and conscious nature in Economics.
  4. Study of Culture and Civics of Humaneness in Sociology.
  5. Study of Conservation and Encouragement of Humaneness in Political Science.
  6. Study of Matter's Activity (as Successive Emergence of Harmony) in Darshan-Shastra (Philosophy).
  7. Study of (universality of) Human being and Humaneness in History and Geography.
  8. Study of Fundamental Concepts of Existence in Literature. 

 - Excerpt from Manav Vyavhar Darshan.

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