Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Chasm between Idealism and Materialism

Scientific thinking is leading humankind towards Instability and Uncertainty.  Scientists have tried to describe human being in the form of a machine, though they have not succeeded yet.  The scientist, who tries to model human being as a machine, remains dissatisfied with his own description.  Understanding mechanics of human function is a huge topic of scientific research.  They think only on that basis (when a human being is modeled like a machine) they can achieve higher productivity in working and thinking of human being.  While human being does not fit into the framework of a machine. Science believes only a machine could have precision, something that could be comprehended and dealt with.  The Idealists, on the other hand, advocated sensibility (in the form of virtues or ideals) in human being.  However they proclaimed human being cannot comprehend sensibility and deal with it (practice it in living).  In this way, the chasm between idealism and materialism continues.  In this way, humankind has kept getting trapped in one problem after another.  Human beings begin and end their life in problems, that’s the human condition.  Now the proposal that I am putting forward before humankind, I believe, is result of humankind’s collective effort towards Good in its entire history.  My individual effort is insignificant compared to the result that I have got.  It is as if one ton heavy fruit had grown on a small tree!  My own effort, as I assess it, is not worth the result that I have got.  The result clearly outweighs my effort. 

- Excerpt from English Translation of Jeevan Vidya Ek Parichaya

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