Saturday, September 10, 2016

Potentiality and Individuality

All existence has inherent tendency of actualizing their potential in the form of attaining their madhyasth state, wherein lies the full glory of that being.  Growth and Decay is from the reference of madhyasth state.  This "central tendency" is clearly evident in nature around us.  Each unit of nature, in its madhyasth state, is an Order in itself and it plays its indispensable and unique part in the Universal Order.  Order is manifestation of concurrence by units to laws of their respective nature.  Aim of human life, therefore, is to actualize their potential according to laws of their nature.  Human being, however, doesn't exist "in general" - the way a plant or an animal would.  Human being actualizes his potential when he becomes liberated as an individual.  This liberation is not by severing ties with everyone and everything.  This liberation is result of understanding the constancy and dynamics of existence, whereby one becomes in harmony with all of one's relationships.  This is liberation from illusion (bhram) of under-valuation, over-valuation or un-valuation.

The way a neem seed has the potential to grow and turn into a fully grown glorious neem tree, each human being has the potential of achieving liberation. The way a seed sprouts when it finds the environment conducive for its growth, there are certain conditions conducive for human being's attaining their potential.  In one word these conditions can be called as "education".  Meaningful education results in liberation of human being from illusion and only then does he become an individual (vyakti).

Prior to achieving liberation, potentiality (pratibha) and individuality (vyaktitva) go side by side in a human being.  In this period, which is the stage of growing up, self-doubt and conflict among individualities cannot be ruled out.  The balance (santulan) in potentiality and individuality is attained upon liberation from illusion.  Individuality upon such liberation would result in successive expressions of harmony - in family, in society, and with nature at large.  This liberation is not from but in the world.  Each liberated human being, rooted in the universal understanding, would have distinct individuality (distinct from others), in the same way as finger prints, in terms of their taste of food (aahaar), lifestyle (vihaar), and expression in behavior (vyavhar).  Finger prints are of body while Individuality is a conscious phenomenon.  Individualities with universal (and therefore common) understanding will necessarily be mutually complementary.

- Based on Madhyasth Darshan

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