Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Earth and Science

In the physiochemical world, which we can see around us, each material form exhibits tendency of deformation and deformed matter exhibits tendency of formation.  It can be hypothesized (imagined) therefore, whether this Earth also undergoes such cycles of formation and deformation.  Each celestial body including Earth is in solid or gaseous form.  Whether a celestial body is in solid form or in gaseous form, its integrality is based on its being in no-attraction status.  It is only when a celestial body (like planet) solidifies that the tendency of physiochemical activities arises there, triggering successive revelations of higher physiochemical forms.  Successive revelation of physiochemical forms has reached its highest stage on this Earth while maintaining continuity of each stage of revelation (in the form of its tradition).  Our Earth is natural evidence of this phenomenon.  There are some planets where chemical activities are not yet present.  There are planets which are not in solid form but are only gaseous.  Whatever be their state, each planet maintains its integrality because there is neither increase nor decrease in existence.  It is on the basis of constancy of existence that we can accept the integrality of planets.  It is possible for a meteor or a comet to become part of some planet, but that doesn’t mean increase or decrease in existence.  It is natural in existence for something in disorder to become a part of some order.  The events of falling meteors and comets can be described as ways of enriching planets.  It is possible that these comets and meteors resulted from nuclear explosions or atomic interference by scientists on some other planets - ejecting some material to no-attraction state in the limitless Space.  It is human being alone who interferes in the nature’s activities.  Therefore, prevalent Science could only be called as destructive knowledge.  It only generates ideas of cutting, dividing, exploding. Human being has the right (capability) of experimenting using their imagination.  Scientific experiments alone have resulted in helplessness of living in disorder for human beings in illusion.  It is well known that one in disorder tries only to create more disorder.  Therefore we can accept that human being in illusion is the root cause of disorder.  Therefore the grandeur of formation and deformation activities in material nature can be seen only when seen with their completeness.  For example, the Sun exhibits restraint (in its conduct in solar system) even though it is in gaseous state.  In the same way, many planets evidence restraint while being in gaseous state.  Some planets evidence restraint while being in solid state.  Yet there are other planets that evidence restraint while having cycles of physiochemical formation and deformation activities, one such planet is Earth where human being lives.  Therefore, if there is any unit as cause of disorder then that is human being in illusion.  Therefore, each illusioned human being needs to be awakened.
- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics)

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