Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mutual Fulfillment in Nature

All orders on this Earth are traditions that exhibit complementariness within their kinds and among one another.  At the fundamental level, atomic particles exhibit complementariness with one another by working in the form of atoms that exhibit definite conduct.  Complementariness itself manifests as Cyclicality, which is mutual fulfillment as well.  This becoming fulfilled from togetherness in nature indicates (inherent direction or intent for) equality in whole existence and in awakening.  The evidence of mutual fulfillment starts from the stage of atomic particles itself, wherein particles come together and become established as an order.  Thereafter atoms come together and exhibit higher order of molecules and molecular forms.  All these facts become known to one who is awakened.  Those who are not awakened, they all are desirous of awakening.  Truth is acceptable to all.  That’s the greatness of Truth.  Truth at its fundamental level is Coexistence.  Existence evidences cyclicality in the form of Order and mutual complementariness.  Nature other than humans is seen to be mutually complementary.  Nature other than humans while is complementary for humans, human awakening is still awaited for them to be complementary for rest of nature.  Human being evidences cyclicality when they are orderly in themselves and participate in universal order.  Human awakening itself is the purpose of presenting Cyclical Economics.  This purpose is intrinsic to existence therefore is natural.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics)

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