Monday, August 1, 2016


The seer status means - human ability to see (understand) the insentient and sentient world.   It is using the same ability “seeing” of atom has become possible for human being.  The name “atom” and “atomic configuration” has already come into human imagination as hypothesis.  These ideas have become popular as well.  While retaining the hypotheses of “atom” and “atomic configuration” as it is, we now need to provide answers to questions that arise naturally after this.  Why are atoms there in the first place?  How many kinds of atoms are there?  Answers to these questions have been discovered.  There are many kinds of atoms, of which some kind of atoms with certain definite number of particles in their configuration exhibit “hunger” for imbibing more particles into their configuration. While other kind of atoms, with other definite number of particles in their configuration, exhibit their being “surfeit” and these tend to expel some particles from their configuration.  All these hungry and surfeit atoms are in “development progression”, and these are found to be active in molecules and molecular forms.  All these atoms (element types) are countable as "units" and their activity forms the basis of "Order" in nature.  Each kind of atom, with definite number of particles in its configuration, maintains its conduct eternally to fulfill its definite purpose in existence.  All atoms found in development progression keep performing “making” and “unmaking” activities by way of molecular bonding and weight bonding.  This making and unmaking is either physical or chemical.  The physical compositions are seen mainly in the form of soils, stones, gems and metals; while chemical compositions are seen as acids, alkali, water, growth and decay in all units of bio order, growth and decay of all bodies in animal order and knowledge order.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthshastra (Cyclical Economics)

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