Saturday, July 30, 2016


The basis of location (of any thing) is Space.  Space itself is the distance.  I have called it “Pervasive” because its depth, length and width are neither comprehensible nor describable in any which way - mathematical, qualitative or causal.  Space is beyond human imagination.  As it is impossible for a human being to measure or enumerate Space - the eternal grandeur of Space in existence can only be called as “Pervasive”.  Earlier we had understood that Space is transparent for whole nature.  Space permeates nature (matter).  Space is the Law for nature.  It is Law that gets understood.  Existence is understood only with its Law, which itself is the Knowledge in human being.  The evidence of permeability of Space is in the form of whole nature’s always being active. At the base of this activity of all objects of nature, from the smallest to the biggest, is matter’s being energized and forceful.  This is reality, and it is up to us what name we give it.  The energy in human being is in the form of knowledge.  Each celestial body in the universe is energized and active, maintaining definite distance from other celestial bodies evidencing restraint.  Such is the grandeur of coexistence where all of nature is always busy and always occupied for evidencing its permeation in Space and there is no barrier, no resistance and no trace of any opposition to this, instead there is continuous harmony, continuous celebration, and eternal presence of this grandeur.
- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics).

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