Thursday, July 21, 2016

Energy in Cyclical Economics

So far humans have identified Coal, Oil and Radiation metals as resources for Energy.  These are buried deep under Earth’s surface and need to remain there for the sake of Earth’s balance.  Earth had turned these under before human being’s occurrence.  The scientists could have noticed it, but they didn't. Now even a slightly knowledgeable person appreciates the hugeness of the climate change crisis.  It is only when Earth had become fully enriched with all physical and chemical materials that animals and humans came about.  Until animal world's occurrence there is balance by way of mutual complementariness.  Human being alone, due to their imagination and freewill, interfered the course of Earth’s destiny and became the cause of their own hasty exit.  No nation wants pollution and its adverse effects for itself, still there is no ownership for getting rid of pollution, which is a global issue affecting all nations.  The outer layer of Earth’s atmosphere is like a shield that deflects unwanted solar radiations.  Sophisticated instruments made by scientists have confirmed that this shield, which they call ozone layer, is dissolving due to pollution.  Scientific measurements have also shown that Earth’s temperature is rising.  Its evidence is shown in the form of rise in the ocean levels.  The polar ice caps are melting.  The scientists warn if all of that ice melted then most of the dry lands of today would become submerged.

It is noteworthy here that the same scientists who encouraged extraction of fossil fuels are now acknowledging that it is the biggest cause of pollution.  Despite this they are not able to move away from coal and oil for fulfilling energy needs.  Pollution and Global Warming are two swords hanging over humankind.  It is now an established fact.  Thirdly, everyone accepts the presence of water on Earth, its definite quantity and its cyclical order.  We can understand that water occurred on Earth (in natural course of destiny) with complementariness of the cosmic rays.  Humans went to Moon and claimed that there is no water there.  There are two ways that water can happen on the Moon now.  One, humans from Earth to go and initiate chemical processes for creating water there.  Second, water occurs there in its natural course by complementariness of cosmic rays.  The intent of this narrative is for us to appreciate the natural course by which the water got formed on Earth by synchronicity of cosmic rays.  We can also appreciate what would happen if water starts disintegrating due to human interference in Earth's natural cyclical processes.  This Earth will become devoid of all water.  The same cosmic rays could combine with radioactive atoms and the atomic explosions would start happening, triggering fission in all atomic types.  Isn't man creating such conditions already?  Our wish is that no such accident happens on Earth, and this question is asked only with that intent.

Scientific Endeavors have resulted in damaging Earth's environment.  If this trend of destruction continues, the Earth’s natural course of successive enrichment can get reversed.  Progression happens as per Laws of Nature, so does regression.

Industry became dependent on sources of energy that earlier generation scientists identified - such as coal, oil and radiation metals - which resulted in extreme levels of pollution.  There is no other way now for humankind but to adopt cyclical alternatives for energy.  So far gobar gas, garbage gas, wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy have been discovered as cyclical sources of energy.  Power generation units have been installed under waterfalls and electricity is being generated from tidal waves.  Along with this, it is possible to generate electricity from flowing water.  The pressure from the flow in the rivers can be directed to the electrical generators.  This technology needs to be developed and made available for general public.  Electrical generators of various levels have become available already.  It is possible to integrate these generators to harness energy from flowing water, and make these viable.

The industrial levels that we have come into our practice require speed.  This speed comes from the power of electricity, oil or steam.  Maximum electricity can be generated from hydro-power or from power of flowing water.  The engines that use mineral oil can be designed to work with bio-diesel made from vegetable oils.  These have already come into human view.  There is natural cyclicality in the engines that work with oil extracted from vegetation.  Plant world has the capacity to store all kinds of substances along with nutrients.  Most plants are seen to be helpful for enriching the air needed for respiration in humans.  The smoke emission from the engines that use vegetable oil is digestible in the plant world.  Each farmer, each family can assess their energy requirements and accordingly grow plants like neem, karanj, etc.  Farmers recognize what vegetation grow in their region and in what season, and what could be cultivated in large quantities.  Renewable energy can be successful only when human being has harmony in family and their participation in family based self-organized order.  The cyclicality of bio-diesel is based on cyclicality in plant order - wherein a seed turns into a tree and tree produces many seeds.  The smoke emitted from use of bio-diesel is food for the vegetation as it gets digested there (or is bio-degradable).  The cycle here is – trees to seeds, seeds to bio-diesel, bio-diesel to smoke, smoke to food of trees.  Such trees producing oil seeds can be grown in large numbers on roadsides and more than sufficient seeds could be collected from these.  This plan is based on the premise that production activities are based on Earth’s balance and human being’s balance.  It is very clear that human race can live only when Earth remains healthy.

The balance of human being is based on awakening in jeevan.  Jeevan’s awakening is based on availability of awakening in human tradition from generation to generation.  Until the last decade of 20th century, humankind has suffered from clashes between mystical faiths, facing unwanted harassment like frustration, despair, fear, suspicion, conflict, revolt, hatred and neglect.  All of us have understood it very well or we can understand it.  Along with this, while temptation for enjoyment and hoarding seems to give momentary relief, it generates more of fear and suspicion at other times.  This can be surveyed among all individuals, sects, social service organizations, government organizations, religious organizations and business organizations.  This has been understood thoroughly.  Therefore, humankind is now close to recognizing eternal possibility of being established in the form of families that are self reliant by way of cyclicality, participating in family based self organized order and implementing programs to that effect in present – and thereby realize, actualize, and celebrate resolution, prosperity, fearlessness and coexistence and its continuity.  For this to happen, only two points need to be studied in detail – one, the art of thinking and living in accordance with definition of human being, and two, existence based human centric contemplation upon direct perception of coexistence.  This is the formula for achieving balance in entire humankind and their becoming complementary for Earth’s cyclical order.  This contemplation of cyclicality and its literature (Cyclical Economics) is a part of this solution.

Solar energy is a good cyclical (renewable) resource for electrical and thermal power.  The furnaces need to be designed by focusing sun rays to get a heat flow.  Based on experiments semi circular furnaces could be designed, the heat generated could be utilized as lime kiln.  In this way solar energy can be integral to universal order in a cyclical way.  It is natural for Sun to radiate heat as it is in an excited state at present.  The heat radiated from Sun gets absorbed in planets orbiting around it, while they continue in their natural states or stay oriented for achieving natural state.  Coexistence paves the way for Order.  In the same way, the activities of Earth, Solar systems, Cosmic rays etc are meant for Harmonious Coexistence.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthshastra (Cyclical Economics)

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