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Cyclicality in Agricultural Fertility, Food Energy and Natural Surrounding

There is co-existential cyclicality in agricultural fertility, food energy and natural surroundings.  It is well known that Agriculture is about obtaining things from Earth for nourishing human body and medicines to cure diseases by utilizing the cyclic process in biological order.  Food Energy is in the form of nutrition of body.

‘Fertile land’ is that which could transform one seed into many seeds.  ‘Fertilizer’ is those substances which make land fertile.  While studying land, human being has identified it to be in ‘fertile’ and ‘infertile’ categories.

Human being recognizes land fertility and wants to maintain it as well.  Most people are clear about how this Earth became fertile.  Earth’s fertility has successively increased since occurrence of vegetation.  This process can be understood by observing natural evidences of how land gradually becomes fertile where there are plants and trees.  The plants rot and decompose to make land richer or more fertile.  The fertility of the land is seen to be becoming better with time.  It is very clear that biological world came about as a result of atoms forming molecules, molecules forming chemical substances, chemical substances forming bio cells, and bio cells forming plants.  Therefore it is certain kinds of matter on Earth (in material order) only that transforms into plants.  Along with this, there is continuous “co-existential togetherness” evidenced among solid, liquid and gaseous matter.  For example - gas under Earth’s surface is seen to be naturally moving upwards to unite with other gases.  It is not that this gas doesn’t have weight.  Its weight could be measured.  Its underlying principle is – a gaseous matter evidences co-existential togetherness with other gaseous matter.  Another principle that has been observed is – the water flows towards slope.  This slope results in flow of water in the form of streams and rivers into oceans.  Water also has the property of wetting the soil.  Water wets the soil when it comes into its contact and seeps to the level where other water is present.  Water vaporizes and turns into gaseous state, condenses in the form of clouds, and precipitates as rain under appropriate conditions of heat difference between cloud temperature and land temperature.  The rain happens when land temperature is more than atmospheric temperature, and cloud temperature is less than atmospheric temperature.  When land and atmospheric temperature is cooler then rain happens in the form of hail stones.  The liquid water that falls on land from rains again flows towards slope.  All this is indicates presence of cyclicality in nature.

In the same way, a solid object evidences co-existential togetherness with other solid objects.  A stone falls down that was thrown upwards; leaves and fruits fall to ground from trees– are manifestations of the same principle.  It is also seen that use of an external force becomes necessary for separating things in this co-existential togetherness.  For example, it takes external force to hold gaseous matter to ground.  It takes external force to lift water against the slope.  It takes external force to lift a solid object from the ground to a height.  For example, it requires external force to throw a stone upwards.  The solid substances under Earth’s surface also require external force for its extraction.  All this are commonly observable facts.  These principles of co-existential togetherness are valid on other planets than Earth as well.

The purpose of illustrating co-existential togetherness in matter here is to bring attention to the fact that the vegetations have solid and liquid state matter in a combined form.  When vegetations decompose their moisture slowly vaporizes leaving them dry.  Thereafter upon falling on Earth these start looking like soil.  This process happens from smallest twig to large trees.  In this way, the biological order itself is the only source for Earth’s fertility.

Metamorphosis in Material order is seen in the form of Chemical world.  The chemical substances result from synchronistic union of molecules of material order wherein they leave their prior respective conducts and accept a new kind of conduct for themselves.  When this event is studied precisely, we get clarity about cyclicality, metamorphosis and complementariness in nature as manifestation of coexistence principle.

- An Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthshastra (Cyclical Economics)

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