Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meaning of coexistence

 Meaning of coexistence is the co-occurrence of all revelations. This co-occurrence, or simultaneous presence, of all states of co-existential revelations means human being could distinctly identify conducts and effects of each of these, whether these are in joint (as in compounds) or separate (as in atoms) form, manifested as development progression (physiochemical) or development (consciousness). In this way entire physiochemical world is in development progression stage.  Along with this, there is a progression towards excellence (qualitative refinement) by matter's joining and separating.  All physical and chemical substances in development progression, occurred from events of metamorphosis, exhibit coexistence in the form of their definite conducts.  The revelation of an atom’s constitution occurs with atomic particles maintaining definite distance among one another, performing definite function, with definite result.  This revelation is based on matter’s being enriched in absolute energy and thereby its forcefulness.  A human being established in seer status, on the basis of this realization, gives words to describe atom as follows – “an atom’s constituting particles recognize one another while performing their definite activity”.  Each atom is active with orbital motion or motion of multiple orbits – which indicates presence of mutual response in atomic particles to fulfill intended purpose of the atom unit.  In this way, each atomic particle has the tendency and activity of recognizing and responding one another.  As its evidence, all atomic particles are found to be active in one or the other atomic constitution, and when they are out of some atomic constitution, on their own or due to human interference, these tend to recombine to constitute as atom.  The activity of mutual recognition and mutual response in nature begins from atomic particles itself – which comes into human cognition.

Constitution of more than one atom is called as Molecule.  It is atoms alone that constitute molecules.  All molecules are constituted with atoms of same kind.  The molecules of the same or different kinds thereafter join to form small and big physical objects in nature – for example, there are big objects like Earth, Planets etc and there is occurrence of objects like numerous kind of metals, stones, gems and soils.

The constitution of all the realities in nature have occurred by way of complementariness and usefulness.  The coming together of more than one atomic particles is result of eternal effect of coexistence (of matter and Space) – because existence itself is coexistence.  In this way, mutual recognition and co-occurrence is in the form of pure elements, until the revelation of molecules. The tendency of pure element molecules to combine with other pure element molecules and result in mixture and compound forms is also indicative of the coexistence principle.  It is for the purpose of evidencing its full enrichment that the physical world got engaged in mixture and compound activities.  This is another illustration of coexistence principle.  The purpose of existence is manifest in physical, chemical and jeevan forms.  In order the development could evidence itself, as coexistence of material and conscious nature, the enrichment of material order and bio order was mandatory.  Mandatory means being part of a definite plan.  Plan means – succession of events for realizing definite purposes in coexistence, i.e. development progression in the form of physiochemical activities, development in atom (as configuration perfection), jeevan in conscious status, coexistence in jeevan and body, arising of need for expressing awakening in jeevan, status of rest (activity perfection), human being’s evidencing undivided society and universal order – wherein cyclical economics is one important stage.  Again, human being’s becoming established in the form of tradition of awakening.  The evidence of awakening is only human being.  It is human being alone, who evidences jeevan’s awakening in the form of seer, doer and enjoyer. Awakening is in the form of human being’s evidencing holistic view of existence as the most comprehensive view, knowledge of consciousness (jeevan) as the most fundamental knowledge, and conduct of humaneness as the highest form of human conduct. Human evidence itself is the source for making awakening known and accessible to all. Therefore, manifestation of jeevan’s awakening and its definite purpose in the form of awakened human tradition is destined and inevitable. In this course, human being’s experiencing prosperity with resources in the form of body, mind and wealth, and evidencing awakening in their behaviour becomes an absolute necessity.  

- Excerpt from English Translation of Avartansheel Arthashastra (Cyclical Economics).

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