Friday, June 17, 2016

The Framework of Faith

People, whose livelihood is from tempting people into faith, suggest methods of fasting, meditation, yoga, penance, etc.  Most sermonizers are this way.  The religious fables, for example, are replete with assurances of getting all kinds of luxuries without doing anything.  These also proclaim that the bliss of salvation is even bigger than the bliss of heaven.  This blissful state cannot be described in words.   That’s where they have left it.  Numerous practices have been prescribed for achieving that blissful state, which you may have heard about.  What difference does it make whether temptation is of heaven or of something material?  The mentality is the same.  What is the basic difference between ways of tempting in the two ideologies?  The basic difference is – while faith, in principle, rejects crime and violence, materialism has no qualms about these.  It is worth noting that those who give sermons typically accumulate great deal of comforts and luxuries themselves.  They assume their abundance is God’s gift, as consequence of their acts of giving sermons.  Follower of faith, under influence of its sermons, eschews accumulation, comforts and violence only for some time.  When the same person starts giving sermons himself, he assumes it is his right to get all comforts and luxuries, and he ends up acquiring all traits related with over indulgence.  Traits are of positive and negative both.  Those besotted in luxuries and comforts assume their good fortune is result of listening and keeping faith in such sermons.  This vicious cycle results in the rich paying respects to the rich sermonizers.  The poor remain in the awe of the rich, cursing themselves and becoming frustrated.  This is the way the book of sermons (the sacred book) has gained its status of reverence among masses.  There is a tradition of respecting sermonizers based on such sacred books.  The seat of sermon that has amassed more luxuries and comforts is assumed to be consequence of their having earned more virtues. This is the framework of faith.

- Excerpt from English Translation of Behavioral Sociology (Vyavharatmak Samajshastra) by Shree A. Nagraj. 

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